Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Dog bites...literally.

My last Friday did NOT go as planned. AT.ALL. I was supposed to sit for Jury Duty at 9:15am on Friday, April 9th, 2010. WHY was I at Jury Duty? It was canceled the night before. So instead, I found myself lounging around the house, checking/stalking on Facebook, making breakfast for the kiddies, and planning to visit my old office at Cole to show the kids off. Excellent plan.

Around 10am, I waltzed out of the shower singing a happy tune. I thought I'd make it an extra special day, so I slathered on a facial mask. Thank you Dead Sea Minerals! As I robe my underwear-clad body, I realize that the clothes I want to wear are in the laundry room. So I've got wet hair, white facial mask, white robe, WHITE underwear-wearing going on, and I notice the dogs outside have knocked over the dirty diaper garbage can and going to town, face-first into a full filled diaper! NOT COOL WITH ME! Frickedy ew!

I opened the door for some loud verbal scolding, and they both run away knowing they are in trouble. I SNAP! "No one runs away from meeee" So (think of what I'm already wearing) I grab the closest pair of shoes, my husbands BIG CLUNKY running shoes. I slip them on with ease, and proceed to give the dogs their much needed scolding. As I approach them, they knew they were in trouble. Neither of them would come to me. HAHA, who would?! So I approached...Ozzie ran away, and Toby just stood there and shook. I went to grab his collar, and he lunged up at my hand and grabbed it with his sharp, not quite puppy-any-more teeth. His teeth punctured pretty deep into the fleshy part of my palm. Right down to a vein.

Pictures please....turn away if you are like me, and faint.

I know it doesn't look THAT bad...but it bled like no tomorrow....6 hrs for it to stop bleeding.

I had learned a survival technique from someone, that if you are "experiencing" a dog bite and can't get the dog to stop chomping, you shove your hand deep down his throat. So I did. He gagged. My hand came free. With my freshly bitten hand, and my adrenalin pumping body, I pick him up (by his collar, he's small don't worry) and took him to his cage.

Time to breathe and assess.

Oh SHOOT! I'm now dripping from my hand. I instantly go into panic mode. I went upstairs, washed the wound, and *almost* passed out. Deeeeep! ew. So I called Jos and left a VM, and with my panicked voice, he can't understand a word I say. So, no call back. So now I call my brother and his girlfriend...I'm feeling rather weak, and ready to passsss....out. I found the number, dialed, and from then on, no one could understand my crying/panic voice. They found me on the ground in the kitchen. Not the first of my faintings. Apparently, I fainted 4 times.

After Miranda and Lance dressed me...yes, I was still underwear-clad, and yes, its awkward for your little brother to put your shirt on, and wiggle your jeans on over your butt! We went to the the hospital to get it checked out.

After a 5 hour wait, we were seen. The doctors were more concerned with the fact that Toby was face first in a dirty diaper before he bit me. Yuck...poo hand. So they chose not to freeze me, and performed a "High Pressure Irrigation" to each puncture wound. Imagine a syringe filled with water, and then forcefully squirted into each hole in your hand. Nice. My hand filled with water. So.Gross. 1 Tetanus shot later, and 5 days of antibiotics, I was on my way. No Stitches needed...and since I'm highly allergic to band-aids, I'm a bandage wearin' chic.

We have not decided yet on what to do with Toby. He's not a bad dog. He's just not a dog that pees when he's scared, he bites. I either need to get some massive help with training...(apparently watching Cesar Milan isn't enough) and find out HOW to discipline without getting a bite. He has not bit the kids...only the adults at least twice!

So...I went to a GNO with the ladies from my church. Super fun! Then I went and saw "Date Night" with a good friend.

The next day was also Girl Night Out with some ladies from work. EPIC night! Mani's/Pedi's, appys, karaoke!!! Out till 5am! I'm too old for that, but it was a top night fo sho! Here are some pics.

I'm the red toes.

We made a pit stop to my bosses house in Bearspaw, isn't his view gorgeous?




Jenna CAN SING! We decided to take our act on the road.

Good times.

My hand is healing, and the bandages are off today.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh the blessings!


April, spring, sunshine, rain, blooms, GREEN, mountains, walks, NO ICE, BBQs are all HERE!!!

I really do, just want to forget March. Bah, that is our last bad month we're going to have. Financially, mentally, attitudely (ha, is that even a word?) I'm working on a few things right now. I have a responsibility to teach my children in the home about the gospel, and I am responsible for their well being, and their health. So I'm bucking up with my teaching, and showing more uplifting videos/movies/shows in the house. I really have noticed a difference lately. A wonderful feeling now abides in our house. Its more calm, peaceful, and safe.

Our recent blessing is Jos' new job with a financial company as a Sales Manager. WOAH, this is huge!!! I'm so proud of him, and knew he could do it! He starts this morning for them, and its a beginning of something excellent. We will have less worries about money, and actually have more quality time for each other because of it. Less stress in the home equals a happier family. Trust me. I'll be able to take the kids to the ranch more, take Miranda to see her horses more, and volunteer more of my day to helping others! See? Blessings!!!

The kids are growing up so fast! Lliam is learning something new every day, and mimicking our words and actions. I just seeing our 23 month old learning so much. Anthony can now read at a Grade 1 level, and getting pretty bored in Kindergarten. He loves all his friends at school, and still very sociable, he's just more advanced with the learning aspect of words, letters, forming sentences etc.

Have you noticed there are a TON of people pregnant right now? Its always hits in waves...and now I'm at a crest of pregnant friends, or friends who have JUST had babies. Do you ever get the "Oh man, I want to be pregnant too?" Or not. I'm one of those really happy-to-be-pregnant people. I love it. I cherish the fatness, the attention, the special 9-months of bliss. No, seriously, I do. After the first 12 weeks I'm a little queezy, but after that is totally awesome! *sniff* I sorta miss it.