Friday, July 31, 2009

Too pooped to blog

Hey folks

Here's a quick recap:

- garage sale (to earn money for Vegas trip) went very very well. $512, not too shabby for getting rid of tons of crap!

- visit with sisters was fantastic!

- trip to Magrath was exciting, always on the run. Moving, packing, unloading, working out, driving to Lethbridge and back, driving to Cardston to replace debit card, hanging with my dear friend Weez. Are you working out too Weez?

- Surprise birthday party for my bro-in-law Mikey. It was great, food was fantastic. I've now learned to master the roast beef! Thanks Kennedy!

- Lunch with Jon & Jessie @ the Water tower (Ric's Grill) and it was so awesome to meet Jessie for reals! Sorta wishin' I had money to fly to St. Eustatius to visit them when they move out there. As Jon says, "better bake more cookies." Yes, bake sales really do make money...:)

- Settled in Cardston for a week or so. I've just completed my Legs and Back workout, and I'm feeling rather fabulous! Come on know you love to hear me talk about working out. Am I losing weight? Um...lets just say I have excellent endurance...weight-wise, probably not coming off as fast as I'd like, but its still coming off. I need to get my diet cleaner, and that won't happen 100% until my summer plans are done.

Coming up:

- Findlay family reunion in Aetna. I'm in charge of games on Saturday. It will rock everyone's socks I bet.

- Jensen famiy reunion and family softball tournament. Now that I don't have an 8 week old baby with me, my softball skills must have improved. YAY for not nursing after every game! Yay, for no jiggly milky jugs flopping around (HAHA and EW) YAY for being more in shape! YAY for family! YAY that I'm healthy and alive and have great kids. YAY for a husband that works his tail off for this family. I love you honey! YAY for the nice cool-down rainstorm we just got last night.

- Anthony starts Preschool 3 swim lessons Aug 10

- Anthony starts Kindergarten Aug 27

- LORI GETS HERE and stays for a whole week!!! <----Banff, sight seeing, chillaxin'. Its all good

- Robyn is coming and we must see each other when she is here!!!! Its been far too long, my friend.

Ok, that's all for now folks

P.S. I still have not caught ANY FISH. My 21 year no-fish marathon is still on. I want to break that streak before this summer is over!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Work in Progress

I know you all must be sick of me talking about working out, changing my fb status everyday regarding a workout...bla blah blah workout blah blah. Its actually something I look forward to...working out and then talking about it. HAHA, yes look forward to talking about it. Since I'm doing Beachbody's P90X, I have found an online group that all started at the same time as me and we post ALL the time about our progress, post "post-workout" pics (yes, those sweaty 'look what I just did' photos). Like this:

This past weekend was our annual Grammy's Reunion. Our kids don't call their Grandma "Grammy" but that's just something we came up with to name our family reunion with my mother and her offspring. LOL We started the Grammy's about 3 years ago officially, and have managed to make it happen every year since then. Our first year was at Park Lake, Lethbridge. Our second and third were at Little Bow Provincial park. This year was a real hoot. There were more kids this time around, which made things more interesting and busy. My older brother brought his speed boat out to the lake, and we really put it to good use... so much that we ran out of gas with a boat full of kids, babies IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LAKE! Yes, we were stranded with no gas. My brother was convinced that someone siphoned his gas. I couldn't be possible that we actually USED the gas the night before with our 3 hour boatride? LOL oh boy. Do you know how long it takes for a boat to slowly float to shore from the middle of the lake? Approx. 45 mintues. There, know you all know, and you don't have to go out and experiment. Just take my word for it. When we did make it to shore, we found another boat that was docked on shore, that was willing to tow us to the other side of the lake where the resort homes are...and we'll find someone to donate gas for out tank. 2-1/2 hrs later, and a lot of door to door begging...we managed to get enough as to take us back to the Marina where our trailer was. We BAKED in the sun, and the poor kids were sweltering hot, hungry, and my sister's nursing baby was still back on shore with his daddy! We needed to be out of our campsite by 2pm....we managed to get back on shore by 1:30pm - we sure know how to cut it short, and break camp in 1/2 hr. Lucky us. It made for a funny memory that's for sure.

I managed to get my workouts in while camping...not excactly a P90X workout, (although I was prepared with DVD player and resistance bands) I was able to pull off doing a power walk up a steep road, 2 assisted chin-ups and multiple pushups. I ate pretty clean during the majority of the camp, but the last day, I BINGED like I have never seen before! Before breakfast I had 2 handfulls of chips, 3 twizzlers, 2 donuts, and THEN cereal. HAHA...nice Job Debbie jo!! I managed to not gain weight from this trip, so that makes me feel pretty good.

Here are some pics from the camping trip.

It was a great 2009 Grammy's, and can't wait for 2010 for THUNDER IN THE VALLEY. Woot!

My sisters, mother and I will be going to Vegas Oct 18-25. We have been planning, prepping, saving and earning our way there since last year! We finally are booked in a sweet resort. Its called Tahiti Village, its a Time share, but its super sweet!

Its very Hawaiin themed, and I'm very much looking forward to a trip with sisters and NO KIDS!

Check out this lazy river....the current just takes you around and around in a about relaxing!!

I will be finished my P90X program right before we go on this trip, so this will be a huge reward for me! I want to buy a sweet evening dress for a couple of nights on the town.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The new and improving me.

I've been busy undergoing a rather large transformation. I need to be getting more in shape, and getting my life back on track towards happiness.

I've slacked in certain areas, and my husband has made some of them pretty clear. So here are a few changes for the near and distant future:

- Complete the P90X program with great nutrition. I' ve been doing great so far, and I love this program. Its such an endurance race with weights and jumping squats. I love how drenched I am after a workout. It really shows how hard it makes you work. So far I've lost 3 lbs, and its only Day 2! Yahoo!!

- Have all of Jos' 16 dress shirts pressed for the coming week or two. He's working so hard to keep the family fed...and me at home with the kids. I love my time home with the boys. Thank you darling for blood, sweat and tears for this family!

- Reading the Book of Mormon on a daily basis...this needed to happen like 7 years ago. But I've slacked off, and its just because I'm lazy. I really enjoy reading it, I just need to get off my duff, and have the book ready and available for me to just grab and read. No excuses!

- Cleaning the house/kitchen/bathrooms at least to the point where it doesn't reak!

- Laundry twice a week, instead of once every two weeks piled in a mountain!

- Keeping all commandments, including taking care of my husband and showing him the love he deserves.

Things lately have been so busy around here. I've been coming and going from the house so often that I'm not sure where I am anymore!

I went out horseback riding with my GF Cyn, and her 2 adorable kids. Her daughter's first time riding, and I think she liked it, and did extremely well! I tried out my Aussie saddle, and I'm still getting used to it...its not quite western, and not quite english, so its a little to get used to. I made my dad try it out, as the horse I was riding was acting up. I wasn't sure if it was the saddle being uncomfortable for the horse, of if she was just being a pest! So dad climbed up on the horse, and gave her a run around the barrels to get some jitters out. On his last barrel he raced "home" and on the high speed run back, he lost balance and a stirrup and fell off! He landed in some pretty soft soil (it was where an old grain bin used to be, so it was pretty soft with packed down grain) but he didn't move for a long long time. Can I just say, that when you see a loved one fall lifelessly to the ground in front of you, your legs just can't move fast enough to get over to them? It really felt like I was going in slow motion to get over to him. He was slowly breathing, and not moving well. He wouldn't let me call an ambulance, or take him to the hospital. I think he was trying to "cowboy up". That, and I think he was a little in shock that he ACTUALLY FELL OFF, and that his body isn't the young spry, agile cowboy it used to be. I felt like a schmuck!!! After about 10-20 min, he got himself up, and moved really slowly. He made it to the house, and he sat down. He was so white, he almost looked blue! It was so scary to see. I got him some Ibuprofen, and some water...and let him rest. I made dinner, but that didn't help my guilt at all. I know things happen...I just can't help but think, if I didn't ask him to get up on my horse, this would have never happened! I just heard (ON FACEBOOK, NO LESS) that he was actually admitted into the High River Hospital because of swelling in his lungs, and ribcage. OH MY GOODNESS.....where was the phone call on that one?!!!! I'm sure he'll be fine, but seriously, if my dad was staying overnight in a hospital, for heavens sake, give me call people!!!!
One more thing to work on I guess...ANGER ISSUES...I have a hard time just letting things go. I haven't heard word yet, on how he's doing...just that he's not feeling good enough to work. He works with my husband...I will just continue to pray for him for a speedy recovery.

I've just finished my Plyometrics workout, and I've got to shower off....yeesh!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Slim in 6, in the bag. Now to bring on the X!!

Yee-haw, my Slim in 6 adventure has come to an end. I have taken before and after photos (Sorry folks, I'm not THAT brave yet. No one wants to see post-partum smooshy belly pics) and taken my measurements.

The verdict is:

5 lbs down.

3" lost in my waist!

1" lost in my hips! (haha, I typo-ed Hipos at first...oh geez)

1 and .5" recpectively lost in both my biceps...and gained muscle (they were uneven sizes to begin with, and now they are even sizes)

2.5" lost around my chest/back. - I see a total differenct there....less back/boob fat, and all my bras don't fit anymore. I love weight loss, but not boob this sucks. They are always the first to go. *sniff*

1.5" lost around each thigh.

I have far more endurance than ever before. I am starting a new program on Monday July 13, called P90X. Its the mother of all workouts. 12 DVD, 90 days, drowning in your own sweat, and you see MASSIVE results. I had to do Slim in 6 before, so I could be in shape JUST to do the Pre-Test. I tried doing the Plyometrics DVD the other day, and its labelled the hardest workout out of the 12 DVDs, and I got through half of it with no major issues, then Lliam found out that I was working out, and ankle grabbed for the last half hour....argh. The backs of my legs, and calves are so sore, so I know that will be a killer workout for me. You try and do regular jumping jacks, then doing it in a squat position! YIKES!!! Today, I'll be dabbling with another DVD, weights arms and back. Then going hardcore on monday as my Day 1!

When I see great results, I'll post pics up here. So stay tuned.

There are a few other things that need to change around here.

I had been away for 12 days, then came home on Sunday...I felt like a stranger in my own house. Is that normal for being away so long? I feel like I have about 12 days worth of cleaning to do, and laundry...etc. I'm trying to change my motivation so that I am comfortable again in my house.

Yesterday, was Jos' company Stampede Breakfast! Oh it was yummy, pancakes and sausage in the morning? yummo! The kids had a great time eating all the pancakes they could. Then I took Lliam and Anthony and step-sister Kaitlyn to the zoo (we WERE supposed to make it to the Stampede, but missed the 'come in for free before 9am' window). Seeing the kids faces light up with all the animals was so adorable!!! I can't believe how much my kids have grown!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

My favorite Titan

Thanks to my husband, I am a huge Tennessee Titan fan. Their former QB, Steve McNair, was found shot dead in a condo in Nashville.

RIP Steve. The NFL world is indeed mourning your passing.

If I had my jersey with your name/number on it with me in Cardston, I'd wear it for you today.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Still in Cardston, Raymond, Magrath, Alberta AND Bad Mommy Awards part 2

I'm still down south in Alberta. I'm loving how much time my kids get to spend with their grandma and aunties! I'm sporting a pretty cool tan too, as I'm always outside!

Here are some pics from the famous Raymond Canada Day Parade, and Cardston's Party in the Park for Canada Day.

Bad Mommy - do not let your kid stand up in a stroller, he will fall out and land on his head on the pavement. Possibly in front of 500 or so spectactors at the Raymond Parade!

"Trevor! Throw me Candy TREVOR!!!" Yeah - not even a nod. We aren't friends anymore.

"Anthony, can you be cute please?" - He thinks cute means make any face you want, as long we you are tilting your head to the side, it passes as cute. Good thing he's cute anyway.

I don't know anything about the "shriners" are they are religion, or some Masonic type man club? Either way, I laugh at their little cars.

Anthony and Debster doing the Cha-Cha slide...they were so cute!

2 hours later we watched the Canada Day fireworks, and it was so awesome to spend that time with Anthony and see his face light up with excitement. He had a good day.