Friday, July 31, 2009

Too pooped to blog

Hey folks

Here's a quick recap:

- garage sale (to earn money for Vegas trip) went very very well. $512, not too shabby for getting rid of tons of crap!

- visit with sisters was fantastic!

- trip to Magrath was exciting, always on the run. Moving, packing, unloading, working out, driving to Lethbridge and back, driving to Cardston to replace debit card, hanging with my dear friend Weez. Are you working out too Weez?

- Surprise birthday party for my bro-in-law Mikey. It was great, food was fantastic. I've now learned to master the roast beef! Thanks Kennedy!

- Lunch with Jon & Jessie @ the Water tower (Ric's Grill) and it was so awesome to meet Jessie for reals! Sorta wishin' I had money to fly to St. Eustatius to visit them when they move out there. As Jon says, "better bake more cookies." Yes, bake sales really do make money...:)

- Settled in Cardston for a week or so. I've just completed my Legs and Back workout, and I'm feeling rather fabulous! Come on know you love to hear me talk about working out. Am I losing weight? Um...lets just say I have excellent endurance...weight-wise, probably not coming off as fast as I'd like, but its still coming off. I need to get my diet cleaner, and that won't happen 100% until my summer plans are done.

Coming up:

- Findlay family reunion in Aetna. I'm in charge of games on Saturday. It will rock everyone's socks I bet.

- Jensen famiy reunion and family softball tournament. Now that I don't have an 8 week old baby with me, my softball skills must have improved. YAY for not nursing after every game! Yay, for no jiggly milky jugs flopping around (HAHA and EW) YAY for being more in shape! YAY for family! YAY that I'm healthy and alive and have great kids. YAY for a husband that works his tail off for this family. I love you honey! YAY for the nice cool-down rainstorm we just got last night.

- Anthony starts Preschool 3 swim lessons Aug 10

- Anthony starts Kindergarten Aug 27

- LORI GETS HERE and stays for a whole week!!! <----Banff, sight seeing, chillaxin'. Its all good

- Robyn is coming and we must see each other when she is here!!!! Its been far too long, my friend.

Ok, that's all for now folks

P.S. I still have not caught ANY FISH. My 21 year no-fish marathon is still on. I want to break that streak before this summer is over!

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