Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Fun 2009

I know I have not been into blogging this summer, not time...blah blah.

Here's another quick recap:

Findlay Reunion in Aetna was a success. Lliam was bit by mosquitos and had a bad reaction to it, and half of his face swelled up and made a fun trip to the emergency room. Thanks to Benidryl, he's back to normal.

Went fishing, and did not catch a no fish streak still stands! Witnessed Weez's first time fishing. *squeal* we should do it again soon my friend!

Thew my rotator cuff out on my shoulder, right before the softball tournament....took a lot of chinese medicine and it worked well.

We played 6 games of softball in the tournament, and played really really well....we took home 2nd place. Next year I will invest in cleats/batting glove and I will practice my sprints. I feel like I run backward sometimes! SICK!

Jensen family reunion happens right after the ball tournament, and since we did so well this year our family dinner was very late in the evening. With starving kids, and hungry mosquitos and sore muscles, my day was very over by 9:30pm Good times

- The sisters at the ball tournament. The only girls to play on the team.-

It was a good summer.

Jos and I are trying something fun and new. We both watched the cheesy movie "Fireproof" and if any of you have seen it, know the cheese I'm referring to. But we were inspired to try the "Love Dares" 40 days of something nice you do for your spouse that will help develope and intensify your relationship. I'm in. Day 1 starts today....I will have 40 blogging days set aside JUST FOR THIS, so stay tuned after tonight...and I'll explain more about it.



Weez's Daily Zoo said...

there are two little fishes out there just waiting for us. we will get them!!

traver loves your blog music. he's dancing and smiling to collective soul.

Anonymous said...

That's a great photo of you guys. Way to go, winning 2nd place!

And I'm interested to hear more about the "Love Dares". You've piqued my interest, for sure.

Marci said...

Woah! We saw "Fireproof" months ago and got on that band-wagon too! Although when we went to Chapters to buy the book it didn't fancy us as much as the specific ones outlined in the movie. Either way, a fun way to keep the romance alive. Can't wait to hear more about it!