Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Super Duper long Happy Birthday Lliam complete with Pictures over 1 year, post! Happy Birthday my boy!

It was May 2008 when I was at the end of my pregnancy rope with Lliam. It was hot outside, I had body parts swelling up that I could not control, and I had a huge belly. Ahh, the joys of pregnancy. This post is dedicated to my Little Lliam. 1 year!

Just hours old.

I made this cute video of all my pictures set to music....and it just wasn't compatible with Blogger, or You Tube, or whatever. Stupid Windows movie maker!
So now you get all the pics on here.

Was he ever this small and weird looking? LOL Yes he was!

Ahh the milky mouth. I miss the smallness of him.

He TOTALLY looks like a Jensen here!!!

Just learning how to sit up, I was still propping him up until he was 6 months old.

See? Still propping. Lliam did things in his own due time.

These little bouncy activity things, are the best things ever!!!

Lliam loves pizza...even now. He can gobble up a whole slice without even thinking about it.

Lliam and Auntie Schmaff...isn't she just gorgeous?

Lliam has mastered the rolling over, and army crawling. My boy is starting to grow up!

Lliam and Virgil, doin' their thang. Just being cute at 10 months.

Every time I see this picture all I can see is his drool...*shudder** sorry folks.

And here's the star of this post....THE BIRTHDAY BOY!!!!

He's almost outgrown his bouncy thing.

Just chillin' with grammy on the stairs. For his birthday we had family and food and fun. No games really, as Lliam is just too young for those kind of parties. I just wanted my family there to celebrate this happy day. Isn't he just so darn cute?!

I wanted in on a pic too!

The sisters, the ma, and the nephew...awwww!

Holy Hannah! Peanut Butter and chocolate cupcakes for the birthday boy! Dang, these were amazing with Vanilla ice cream!

Pics of the festivities....the house got a little messy...that's ok right?

My brother, just chillin.

My other gorgeous sister, holding Lliam.

Appearantly I'm a huge poser, so they are making fun of me! Laugh it up girls!

He had no clue what to do with it...so no messy pictures here. Sorry.

The day was perfect! I had a great time, and Lliam was a great baby. Now he's graduating into toddler-hood. He's standing on his own, and learning how to walk. WOAH...didn't he just learn how to crawl like last month?!

On monday, my father (who didn't attend his birthday party on sunday) treated us to Chuck E Cheese. The food is still pretty yuckie, and the animatronic mice still creep me out. We earned Anthony about 1450 tickets to trade in for a cool toy at the end of the night. Lliam loved being able to crawl around wherever he wanted to. That place makes it so secure, that no one can escape with your kids! Love it!

Anyway...today I took Lliam in for his 12 month immunizations....he did not do well. He's a fighter and made it really hard for me to hold him still....poor kid. He's napping now, and should feel fine in a couple days.

That's all for now folks...enjoy the long long long over due post!

Monday, May 18, 2009


As you've noticed, I haven't been all that bloggy lately. Not sure why. I think its because I'm just not taking pictures of anything, and I think blogs need pictures! Aye aye aye!

Lately, I've been keeping myself busy with gardening (er, keeping my 1/3 of my garden alive), keeping my eyes on a very mobile Lliam and chasing after him with baby Anbesol (as he has 4 teeth already through AND about 4 more pushing through) its been a disaster around here, going to the Ranch.

On saturday was my little nephew's birthday party. It was such a perfect day. It was 23 degrees out, sun shining, and a little breeze. We took the horses out for a ride, and tried out my Aussie saddle. The kids had a blast running around outside, popping balloons and un-poppable bubbles. We had amazing BBQ burgers, and to round out the meal, we had a "Wiggles" cake for dessert.

Today, on my holiday monday, I'm staying inside. Its way too cold to do fun stuff with the kids. I'm going to finish the laundry, and maybe take the kids to the wave pool.

I'll post pics soon. Lliam is just growing like a weed. He'll be one year old on May 24th!! Can you believe it?

I know!

Happy 100 posts to me!!!! WOOOT

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Birthday Redemption

My birthday has now come and gone. May 7th was my big day. I hit the big 3-1! Now officially in my 30's. Birthdays always seemed so special to me, but ever since I hit 30, they have just been regular days. This year was no exception. I was in Cardston selling baked goods that we spent 17 hours the previous day preparing. My sisters and mother are trying to fundraise for our trip out to Vegas in October. So we decided to sell our baking at the Farmer's Market. We baked Cinnamon Buns, Sweet Buns, Banana Loaf, Lemon Loaf, Ginger snaps, white chocolate Ginger Snaps, hand rolled chocolates, snickerdoodles (caramel and chocolate dipped pretzels), Apple pie, Bumbleberry pie, and last but not least Apple turnovers....yes, we baked ALL of these the day before, PLUS decorating all the packaging they went in! LONG LONG LONG day....Did it pay off? Well, not too too bad. I was a cranky pants most of the day. I was going on NO sleep, cranky kids, I was PMSing something fierce, and I just couldn't shake the grump off. The bake sale was a little dissappointing. I really thought more people would have bought our stuff. A lot of work went into that, and I just thought we would have sold more. Oh well. You never know what the consumers are craving these days.

The end of my birthday was drawing near. I travelled back up to Calgary, and made it to Girls Night. I'm so glad that I went. One of the girls baked me a cake, and it truly was the highlight of the night. She bakes and decorates cakes for a living, and OMgosh, it was one of the best cakes ever! It was a chocolate peanut butter cake, with almond flavored frosting! **drool** it was fabulous! I'll post the pics as soon as she posts them on facebook. Trust me, way cute, and way yummy!

Lliam is almost one year old!!! Can you believe that its been a year already?! A year since I've started my blog as well. No kidding! Lliam is cutting about 4 teeth at the same time, so cranky is his favorite mood lately. Not cool. I'll be glad when the teeth are all in. He's also standing up on anything he can get his hands on. He's mastered the crawling, and soon to be walking. *tear* my baby is growing up.

I just gave my "I'm not returning to work" notice at the office. Sad and yet not. For so long my career defined me. And now my new job, SAHM, I'm finding a new rewarding career. I love learning how to make life at home easier, more economical, and fun for the kids! I'm into planting gardens, learning how to dehydrate food and store it, and learning how to make home made bread not taste like home made bread. Yeah, thanks You Tube...its amazing what crap is on that site! I waste almost as much time on that site as I do with facebook.

Just tonight, Jos and I went to see Star Trek. AMAZING MOVIE. I watched the Original Star Trek as a child, and grew to love Star Trek: The Next Generation (seriously, who didn't fall in love with Ryker?!) This movie exceeded my expectations. I loved that Jos and I could have that time together. I rarely see this man, and it was a nice treat to watch it together. On our way home, he let me pick out my birthday gift. A brand new LG X120 Whatchamacallit. Its so cute.

It was a perfect end to the day. Thanks Jos for the mini laptop.

Now to watch the Hockey game and WIN!! GO CANUCKS GO!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Blogger Blues

I don't feel like blogging. Nope. Not at all.

So this is my blog post saying that I don't feel like blogging.

I am in a Bad mood.

I have cranky kids that I need to not duct tape to the walls.

I'll write when I have something to say.