Monday, May 18, 2009


As you've noticed, I haven't been all that bloggy lately. Not sure why. I think its because I'm just not taking pictures of anything, and I think blogs need pictures! Aye aye aye!

Lately, I've been keeping myself busy with gardening (er, keeping my 1/3 of my garden alive), keeping my eyes on a very mobile Lliam and chasing after him with baby Anbesol (as he has 4 teeth already through AND about 4 more pushing through) its been a disaster around here, going to the Ranch.

On saturday was my little nephew's birthday party. It was such a perfect day. It was 23 degrees out, sun shining, and a little breeze. We took the horses out for a ride, and tried out my Aussie saddle. The kids had a blast running around outside, popping balloons and un-poppable bubbles. We had amazing BBQ burgers, and to round out the meal, we had a "Wiggles" cake for dessert.

Today, on my holiday monday, I'm staying inside. Its way too cold to do fun stuff with the kids. I'm going to finish the laundry, and maybe take the kids to the wave pool.

I'll post pics soon. Lliam is just growing like a weed. He'll be one year old on May 24th!! Can you believe it?

I know!

Happy 100 posts to me!!!! WOOOT

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