Thursday, October 30, 2008

Focus Focus Focus

I realize that I can only focus on one thing at a time. When its de-clutter time, I go GUNG-HO on de-cluttering, and focus on NOTHING else but that. When its time to get serious about losing weight, I can't focus on anything but that. My house gets neglected, my laundry gets neglected, and I'm so FOCUSED on that one thing at the time. Right now, its losing weight. I really want to just get it done. I want to see progress. I am thinking about everything that goes into my mouth, how much water I'm drinking, if my workouts are as intense as I need them to be.

Yesterday was one of those days, where I woke up not feeling well at all. Normally, I wouldn't work out while feeling like crap. After speaking with my mother, she convinced me that doing just 10 mintues will make me feel better. I actually had to weigh the feelings of being sick and feeling crappy about not working out, or feeling extra tired from working out and sticking through it while being sick. It was one of those days where it was Cardio AND weight lifting day. I managed to get my 1/2 hr in of cardio, but the kiddies made it hard to get my weights training in. By 10:30pm I was feeling pretty guilty about not "finishing" my workout. I knew that if I finished up my workout, that my adreneline would keep pumping until around 1:30am, but if I didn't work out, then I'd feel pretty crappy about not being consistant, and quit. Argh. Thanks to a supportive husband, I picked up those weights, popped in the DVD and pushed through it. I got it DONE! I even got a fabulous body massage afterward to put me to sleep. What a blessing. Thanks Jos!

This morning, I watched my PVR'd episode of Workout, its airing on the Slice channel.
I've been watching it since day 1 and I love it. Its totally given me the extra motivation I needed to re-start my weight loss journey. On last night's episode, one of the trainers were training a client, and when I looked closely, I noticed that the client was that very girl that is posted in my "future Hotness" entry. What a coinky dink! Her name is Jamie, and she's a cancer survivor (breast cancer) hence the fake and gorgeous breasts she's sporting. So in a year or two I'll be able to compare the hotness with her. Woot! By the way, Jos, if you are reading this...add this to my christmas list...

ta ta

Monday, October 27, 2008

Workin' it baby.

Mr. Lliam is now 5 months old! WOAH, where did the time go? My little newborn is almost rolling over and sitting up by himself! I figured since he's 5 months old now, that I actually take this working out idea more seriously. So far, success. I'm making time for myself to work out. I've slowly improved my cardio from 10 minutes to 20 mintues to now 30 mintues. I'verecently added to my 30 minute cardio session with another 30 minutes of weight lifting. Soon I'll have to power up my cardio with "the power pistons" on my Gazelle so I can get more sweat out of my workout. My 30 minutes of weight lifting is going great so far. I'm using Power 90's sculpt circuit for my training. I thought for sure I'd be so sore the next day with all the muscle fatigue I experienced. I felt great, and was ready to do it again.

I'll have to post my after pics when I see some pretty drastic improvement.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Bookworm award

Here are the rules for accepting the Bookworm Award:

Pass it on to five other bloggers, and tell them to open the nearest book to page 56. Write out the fifth sentence on that page, and also the next two to five sentences...The CLOSEST BOOK, NOT YOUR FAVORITE, OR MOST INTELLECTUAL!!

The book that was closest to my lappy was my journal. HAHA, isn't a blog sort of a journal anyway? LOL I found that sorta funny. I counted 56 pages in, and what do you know, 56 was my last page in my journal with an entry in it! I need to write more in the paper journal.

OK, here's my 5th sentence:

How exciting! I don't know where the site is yet, but I'm still pretty happy about it. I spent last weekend at dad's to help out with his Canada Loyal BBQ. It turned out really well.

Thanks to Debbi for giving me the Bookworm award. I feel so special.

Ok now I'm going to tag my 5're it!!!

Pass on the torch my friends.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I see future hotness

Ok, so I'm not there yet with my hotness. I haven't shaved my head yet, but maybe I should do it soon, so by this time next year I'll have a full head of hair and I'll look like this...




I am working out daily now. I alternate cardio day with weight training day, just to start out. By next week, I will have cardio every day for at least 1/2 hr, and weight training every other day. When I get to my desired weight, then I want to start building muscle! I wanna feel strong, I wanna feel healthy, and dang I wanna look hot. For me.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No Hair

Oh my gosh, I just have flashbacks from grade 9. Believe it or not, this used to be my nick name. No Hair. I have very fine and thin hair. It must have been super funny for my friends to make fun of my absence of a thick/full head of hair. Weird things entertain my then-circle of friends, so I don't blame them. We even came up with a comic strip about my "no-hairness" One day, I'll have to remake it and scan it in and share it. Its super funny (to me anyway)

Speaking of hair, and the lack thereof...

I am starting the post partum hair loss process. BOOOO

It sucks more now because I just this great new hair do. What a waste! Some people know this about me already, so its not really a secret, but I've always wanted to shave my head, bald! I'm tempted more than ever now.

I'd probably do it sooner than later. I need to find a decent wig for those awkward hairgrowth in-between stages.

hmmm...Thinking......about it now.

I'll keep you posted. Maybe I'll make it a GV activity! Bwaaa! Yeah right.


I took Lliam in today to get his 4 month shots. He did SOO great this time. He peeped just a little bit, and that was IT!! Hardly any tears, woah! I'm so proud of him. He's up to 15lbs 7 oz now, and doing well.

My sister is due any day now with her second boy! I'm so excited, and can't wait. I was such a spazz during my last month. She's doing very well. Good luck Kennedy!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Jos and I went to this "couples only" fireside put on by a cute old LDS couple. They were like 70-something and they were talking about strengthening your marriage, love etc. It was such a nice fireside. What an uplifting way to end the week.

Ya, good times. A short post. Just what I needed. I'm off to make dinner.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Downer McDownerson

Yep, that's me today. I'm feeling rather frustrated and upset. When I applied for my Maternity Leave benefits, I only applied for the 15 week leave. Yeah, dumb me. So we haven't rec'd a mat leave cheque in a month...and we REALLY need that money yesterday! I feel like such a fool, a broke fool. We applied for a mortgage pre-approval. Um....there isn't a house that we could actually buy with what we were pre-approved for.

I was so down about it today, that I even considered suicide!!!

On a funny note, Lliam finally pooped today! WOOT, after 10 days of waiting, its something to shout out about! Speaking of poop, he really reaks right now. I gotta go. Then I'll cry some more. Then maybe plan for some way to make money without losing my Mat leave.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Posting a post

I totally missed the Thanksgiving post, sorta on purpose. There is a lot of things that I'm thankful for, I just wasn't in the mood AT ALL this year to share them. Not sure why. Am I becoming more private? I normally share EVERYTHING that's going on in my life. Now I just feel like I'm pretty boring. LOL Maybe I need to go back to work and "BE" someone again. Its not like being a stay at home mother/wife/chef/occasional housekeeper isn't a fun job or anything, its just way different from a day job. I miss being important in the office. I'm trying not to feel guilty about that last statement.

I'm on my way to my "other family" to visit for the day. The 8 months before Jos and I got married, I lived with another family to help me save for the wedding and help me prepare a little better. This family is an LDS family, and helped me in ways that can't be described. When it came time to move out, and get married, I cried, lets put it that way. So I'm off to visit today, and introduce my little 4-1/2 Month Lliam to her. We always find some sort of craft to do at her house, so I'm helping her do some quiet books for some kids at church. I should really try and get my hair done or something.

Walmart shopping will just have to wait until tonight or tomorrow.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My memelicious meme

1. I've come to realize that my last kiss: will be from old man lips.
2. Last night: I watched Iron Man- very good movie.
3. I drink: Water mostly,but lately I drink GTHP for my health. When I go out to dinner its always a Virgin Ceasar with 2 ice cubes.
4. I eat: more often now that I cook every night now. I actually like leftovers for breakfast. I'm weird that way.
5. I love: Summer and Autum seasons. I also love to horseback ride.
6. My room is: shamefully a mess 90% of the time.
7. My love life: is private 6 days a week.
8. I hate it when people: lie to me, drive like an idiot, swear around my kids, ignore their personal hygiene.
9. Love is: forever, deep, trusting.
10. Marriage is: fun, most of the time. Its forever.
11. Somewhere, someone is thinking: "I really want to rent, 'The NeverEnding Story II'" but not me.
12. I always: brush my teeth before I put on my makeup.
13. I have a secret crush on: no one, my crushes are never secret.
15. My mobile phone: is a music phone, it rings once in a while, and I use it mostly when I'm in my car. Thank goodness for bluetooth technology.
16. When I wake up in the morning: I normally go and nurse Lliam and try to go back to sleep. I wonder when a full 8 hrs will ever come again on a regular basis?
17. Before I go to bed I: normally fall asleep within 10 minutes of my head hitting the pillow, but on the odd night, I giggle for about an hour for no reason.
18. Right now I am thinking about: How glad I am that its not snowing outside.
19. Babies are: cute, time consuming, exhausting, and
20. I get on myspace: once in a while, but I don't really care about myspace anyway.
21. Today I: will be consuming lots and lots of turkey.
22. Tonight I will: eating turkey at dad's, then driving to Cardston to my moms.
23. Tomorrow I will: be thankful on thanksgiving day.
24. I really want to: lose about 25 lbs!!!
25. In five years I see myself: having one more child, and owning a house.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My support blog entry.

Some of you may know that my husband has been working as a financial advisor part-time for the last year or so, and that he’s gotten really good at it. He’s at the point now where we’re looking to make the move to full-time in the beginning of 2009. To make that work, he needs to build up his client base over the next few months. The biggest way financial advisors build their businesses is through referrals, so I’m referring him to all of you.

I don’t like to use my blog to advertize or spam people, so I won’t be sending out any more messages or emails like this, but he’s my husband, and this is me supporting him. I hope you guys, my friends and family, will support me by helping out. If you could use a really good financial advisor, or know anyone else who might, please email or call me or Jos. It doesn’t cost anything to sit down with him for a half-hour, and see what he can do. If you sit down with him and it turns out you don’t need his services, no hard feelings, and neither of us will bug you about it, so don’t worry about that. Jos isn’t a pushy guy, and he knows how squeamish I am about asking my friends to do business stuff (I had some bad experiences with MLM years ago).

Jos mentioned that most people don’t really know what “financial advisors” do, and there’s a lot of confusion – even suspicion about it. He’s not there to scare you or trick you into spending money you don’t have, or tell you that you have to live on “wiggly soup” to save for retirement. He’s not going to try to convince you to risk your savings or your house on some wild, super- risky investment scheme. In fact, most of the time he just helps people pay off their debts super-fast. He knows how to pay off your house years sooner than you thought you could, making the same payments you’re making right now, for example. Even if you rent, like we do, Jos can show you how to free up enough money to buy a house sooner. He knows how you can save tons on your taxes, and he knows how to turn $5,000 into almost $4 Million by the time you retire. He even knows how you can take the money out tax-free!

Most of the businesses his group sits down with have decent - but not great – benefits programs. Jos knows how to make the benefits program top-notch, and it usually costs less to have better benefits than it does to have the “ok” ones. He should sit down with your boss, and you can get all the credit for saving your boss money, as well as getting better benefits.

One of the things he does I wish I’d known about sooner, so I could have told some of you months ago. He has a Critical Illness program for children, which covers things like Autism, Meningitis, Cerebral Palsey, Cystic Fibrosis, Type 1 Diabetes, and 8 other childhood illnesses. If your child is ever diagnosed with these conditions, the program pays between 25 thousand and 2 million dollars, tax-free, which you can spend however you want – to pay for treatment, or take time off work to be with them at home, or whatever. It also includes access to the best doctors in the world to help your child get better – they’ll review the case for free. It includes healthcare-, convalescence-, psychological-, and even legal-assistance. No wondering about how you’ll provide the best care for your child in the face of such a massive challenge. And if you are blessed enough to never need the program, you can choose to get money back, and you can use it to pay for university, or weddings, or whatever. Either way, you can help take care of your children, and Jos can help you do that.

I don’t understand most of the details of what Jos does, he’s gotten a lot of training about it, and he had to get licensed to be able to even really talk about it. I just know that he’s helped our family, and several others, and I’d like him to be able to help your family and friends as well.

Oh, and I’m supposed to tell you that none of his clients have lost a penny in all of the “sub-prime” financial crisis stuff that’s been going on lately.

So anyway, my husband’s a genius financial advisor, and I hope he can help you, or your family and friends, or even the company you work for. Call us, or email, and set up a half-hour sit-down with Jos. He won’t tell me anything about your money situation (Privacy Act), and he’ll probably show you things you never imagined you could do with money (including making more than you have right now).

That’s the end of my commercial blogging/emailing. Thanks for reading, and thanks for helping me help my hubby. I’m very proud of what he does as a financial advisor with Canada Loyal, and of how hard he works to help our family by helping other families. I like the fact that my husband comes home excited about what he’s done each day, and I like that his clients always seem grateful for what he’s done with them. I don’t expect that I’ll be posting or emailing anything like this again, so thanks again for reading this one.

Monday, October 6, 2008

A spontaneous new DO!

Check it out.
I was walking through the mall with my little brother and my 2 kids. We went passed a "Chatters"and decided to go in. My brother and I, both decided to go get new hair cuts! WOOT!

Tell me what you think of the cut.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

again...2nd video

This second video is of me and Tess. She's a little more experienced, but I'm not. Tess is about 7yrs old, and is a pleasure to ride most of the time. Its my 4th time trying this new thing, so I'm a little sensitive. I just wish my father "the REAL experienced cowboy", would give me a little more direction on how, exactly, I'm supposed to do it. So far, I have learned that you are supposed to guide your horse in the general direction of the barrel, ride around it without knocking it over, and head to the next barrel, go around it, and then to the last barrel, go around THAT barrel, and run as fast as you can back "home". Um...yeah. Sounds simple, but I know there is some actual stuff in there that I'm supposed to do with my feet and hands. I'm just trying to stay in the saddle most of the time.

This is a little embarrassing...butt here it is.

On friday night, I headed back to Nanton for one last summer ride and a trip around the barrels. Running the barrels is the new talent I'm trying to develope. I'm not even close to being good at it yet, unless looking fat on a horse is talented. It was supposed to be sunny and warm on Saturday, and it ended up being cloudy and rainy. Just my luck. We went for a ride anyway. So here are a couple of video clips of me and my "talent".

Yes, its my fat butt in a saddle, attempting to barrel race on a rainy day with horses that just wanted to go back to the barn. Have a nice laugh. The first video is of me and 21yr old Brando. He's never been around the barrels before. He's sort of an old man that likes to fart alot!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Halloween is comin' up and I'm READY

Ok, so I'm so excited for Halloween this year. Now I have two boys to take around trick or treating! Last year, I waited until Oct 30th to get Anthony's costume. He was Buzz Lightyear last year. We went to the Disney Store in South Center Mall, and they were having a Halloween closeout sale (it being the day before Halloween and all) Lucky for me, this suit was originally $50 and we got it for $20, duuuude, way good deal.

And this year, he wants to be Super Mario! Since he's such a video geek gamer, I thought I would get a little creative this year and go to VV boutique (Value Village for those of you who don't know my slang LOL) and find something that I could work with. I have been debating on weather I should borrow a pumpkin costume from Linda King again (that was Anthony's very first Halloween costume - thanks Sister King) since she's within driving distance...but instead, I found THE CUTEST outfit at VV for $4.99 I can't wait to post the pics on Halloween. Weeee!

I've been spending about an hour trying to find pics of Anthony from his first Halloween. I finally found them like a week later, but here they are!!!

Stolen from my LJ

I've been reading my old posts from my Livejournal. Oh man, I feel so old now after reading those. I started when I was pregnant I think. May of 2004.

Anyways, I stumbled across this post. I'm such a weirdo.

"Yesterday I had some fresh-from-the-island Pineapple. I chopped it up, and poked hands like crazy doing it, and ate a few pieces I had cut. I absolutely love fresh pineapple, but my tongue explodes afterwards. I said to myself that I would take any tongue punishment it will give me, if I could only have one more body gave in. I had that second piece. Both sides of my tongue are now swollen and full of cankers (ew I know) so it makes it really interesting for me to talk, let alone chew things, like gum, food etc. Funny thing is...I HAD TO HAVE MORE PINEAPPLE!!! I took two more pieces today, and ate them. OH YUMMY. Fresh, sweet, totally full of poison I'm sure, because the effects are really terrible. If figure, if I'm going to be in pain for the first offense...goshdarnit, I'm going to enjoy my darn pineapple and keep eating it until its all gone. HA! Take that pineapple acid! You may take my tastebuds away for a brief period, you may reek havoc on my mouth, but you'll never take my FREEDOM! er...nevermind."

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Not much is happening

I feel life is pretty much calming down. Its weird having no real big projects on the go this week. I'm sure I'll invent something to do by this afternoon. I just don't want my blog to be a dud blog. I'm really not as entertaining online as I thought I was. LOL For those of you who actually know me in person, I'm far more crazy than my blog lets on. I haven't seen my Girls Night ladies in over 2 weeks, and I'm in serious need of some perverted laughs! NAKED. LOL had to add that in there.

I'm now going to talk about some random stuff about me.

This week I'm trying out a menu plan and grocery list. I've never made a plan. I just find whatever is in the fridge and make-do. Appearantly, it was never a good idea, because I never came up with anything good. Sometimes I would just give up, and have Jos bring home something fast-foodish. Blah, I know! To end the never ending kitchen door opening ceremonies that happened everyday at 4pm, I bought into a menu planning website. They supply me with the menu for the week, and the grocery list for all of it. All for $6.95 a month. LOL I know!!! Some of you say its a waste of money, but I see it as an investment for my future. I'm actually making dinner at home, and its sooo yummy. I am learning to use my new Crock Pot we rec'd in the Canada Loyal Auction. I made an amazing roast beef on monday night, and last night I made some swedish meatballs in the crock pot. I guess from the money we are saving from getting take out, its a good investment in my eyes.

I'm loving this fall weather! We have the beauty of the changing colors, the warmth of the sun still on my back, and far less bugs! WOAH, why haven't I fallen in love with fall/autumn before??? I've always considered it a dead season. Everything dies, falls off, crusts off, cools down, the fun is OV-ER!!!! I'm seeing things in a more postitive light lately. I'm really trying to see the positive in my life.

I'm so blessed. I have a great family, a house to live in that I can afford, food in my fridge in which to make my lovely dinners. I live in a great country that hasn't fully gone to pot. I have a mother and father that still talk to me and love me! I have a husband that has gainful employment, for now. I have a testimony. I have good health. I am still developing talents. I'm not very good at barrel racing now, but you just watch out for next season! LOL I'll be a chap-wearing cowgirl soon enough.

Well, that's all my randomness for now.

Here is something that I wrote on my Livejournal blog January 8th, 2007 that always gives me a good giggle.

"I was getting ready for work this morning, put on my clothes and went about my morning routine...and everywhere I went I could smell cat pee (I loathe cat pee smell.....hate it hate it hate it!!!) and no matter what I did, or where I went, I could smell this cat pee. I checked under my shoes, on my pants, and nothing.

So I get to work, and Mimi had left me some shirts for me to have and try on.

I go about my day, and still grossing myself out with cat pee smell. Then I smelled collar of my shirt and POOF!!! The stench was unbelievable!! The cat pee smell was literally under my nose!!! The stupid 3-legged cat pees everywhere!!!! Now on my own clothes!!!

Anyways, I realized that I had a choice of shirts I could put on and take off the cat-pee shirt.

So I listened intently for footprints coming towards my back office...all seems clear and ready for the shirt swap.

I take off my cat-pee shirt, fully bra-exposed and all, and quickly put the new shirt over my head. THEN I could hear top wasn't over my chest yet when Suzanne (the not-quite-sure-if-she's-gay asst. manager) walks in...."WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!!" She yells.

I had *just* finished pulling the shirt completely over me at this point, and had this stupidly funny embarassing look on my face.

"I was just, ...uh...putting on my shirt" I said

"What the heck were you doing with your shirt off??" Suzanne asked.

"It smelled like cat-pee!, I'm sure you'd understand if it was under your nose for 3 hours without noticing it there" I said,.

She just tilted her head back and laughed.

Yes, I laughed too....

It made my day!!!

Enjoy the visual"