Thursday, October 2, 2008

Halloween is comin' up and I'm READY

Ok, so I'm so excited for Halloween this year. Now I have two boys to take around trick or treating! Last year, I waited until Oct 30th to get Anthony's costume. He was Buzz Lightyear last year. We went to the Disney Store in South Center Mall, and they were having a Halloween closeout sale (it being the day before Halloween and all) Lucky for me, this suit was originally $50 and we got it for $20, duuuude, way good deal.

And this year, he wants to be Super Mario! Since he's such a video geek gamer, I thought I would get a little creative this year and go to VV boutique (Value Village for those of you who don't know my slang LOL) and find something that I could work with. I have been debating on weather I should borrow a pumpkin costume from Linda King again (that was Anthony's very first Halloween costume - thanks Sister King) since she's within driving distance...but instead, I found THE CUTEST outfit at VV for $4.99 I can't wait to post the pics on Halloween. Weeee!

I've been spending about an hour trying to find pics of Anthony from his first Halloween. I finally found them like a week later, but here they are!!!


Carla said...

halloween already??? it's just the begining of October. you are nuts! but i do need to get my butt to the stores to find costumes for my monkeys before it's too late. that's what happened to me last year and the night before I was out pretty late trying to come up with something. not this year!!!

Caylee Secretan said...

Wow does he ever look like you!

Debbie Jo said...

Thanks Caylee - I haven't talked to you in a LOOONG time! I'm going to snoop on your blog now.

Jessie said...

Speaking of Caylee, and speaking of Halloween, and speaking of the Disney store, Jon and I went with her and her kids to the DS in at the Edmonton mall and it was INSANITY. I just remembered about that. We barely made it out alive.