Sunday, October 5, 2008

This is a little embarrassing...butt here it is.

On friday night, I headed back to Nanton for one last summer ride and a trip around the barrels. Running the barrels is the new talent I'm trying to develope. I'm not even close to being good at it yet, unless looking fat on a horse is talented. It was supposed to be sunny and warm on Saturday, and it ended up being cloudy and rainy. Just my luck. We went for a ride anyway. So here are a couple of video clips of me and my "talent".

Yes, its my fat butt in a saddle, attempting to barrel race on a rainy day with horses that just wanted to go back to the barn. Have a nice laugh. The first video is of me and 21yr old Brando. He's never been around the barrels before. He's sort of an old man that likes to fart alot!

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