Monday, October 27, 2008

Workin' it baby.

Mr. Lliam is now 5 months old! WOAH, where did the time go? My little newborn is almost rolling over and sitting up by himself! I figured since he's 5 months old now, that I actually take this working out idea more seriously. So far, success. I'm making time for myself to work out. I've slowly improved my cardio from 10 minutes to 20 mintues to now 30 mintues. I'verecently added to my 30 minute cardio session with another 30 minutes of weight lifting. Soon I'll have to power up my cardio with "the power pistons" on my Gazelle so I can get more sweat out of my workout. My 30 minutes of weight lifting is going great so far. I'm using Power 90's sculpt circuit for my training. I thought for sure I'd be so sore the next day with all the muscle fatigue I experienced. I felt great, and was ready to do it again.

I'll have to post my after pics when I see some pretty drastic improvement.

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