Sunday, October 5, 2008

again...2nd video

This second video is of me and Tess. She's a little more experienced, but I'm not. Tess is about 7yrs old, and is a pleasure to ride most of the time. Its my 4th time trying this new thing, so I'm a little sensitive. I just wish my father "the REAL experienced cowboy", would give me a little more direction on how, exactly, I'm supposed to do it. So far, I have learned that you are supposed to guide your horse in the general direction of the barrel, ride around it without knocking it over, and head to the next barrel, go around it, and then to the last barrel, go around THAT barrel, and run as fast as you can back "home". Um...yeah. Sounds simple, but I know there is some actual stuff in there that I'm supposed to do with my feet and hands. I'm just trying to stay in the saddle most of the time.

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