Saturday, January 31, 2009

New look!

Check it out, I think I might dream in HTML tonight....what a new language you have to learn to get this stuff done! Reow!


Or not.

Just read.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Very Busy week!

I know I've slowed down in the blog-world as far as writing, its been a little crazy around here. I've had my mother and sister with her 2 kids over visiting. I love having them here, its always a hoot. I have been snowmobiling, shopping, going to Applebees (oh YUM) and soon we'll be going to the wave pool with my brothers kids and all our kids. Woah, its going to be a crazy day today now that I think about it. They'll be here until saturday. So busy busy busy....

Next week our family will be visiting the coast. We are heading back for a few days for Jos' business. I'm going along for the ride, and I also MISS B.C. and my friends! Its RRSP season people! Hook us up! I'll be there from Feb 5th, 6th, 7th and leaving the 8th. I'm way excited about this trip. It just puts another crazy stressfull log on the fire. I have to pack for the kids and all the crap that takes up most of the space in the van, and all of our stuff as well. Ah, no worries, we'll get it all figured out.

I'm still working on my blog, and I actually change it daily, and change it back, and fix this and whatnot....and while "fixing" my blog, I've lost ALL my blogging friends Do you remember everyone that was on my list? I'd like to make a list again...just in case.

Thanks for hanging on, and reading my boring post, that I'm too busy to think about.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Changing a few things

I'm doing a little big of house cleaning with this blog....

I have no clue what I'm doing, other than I wanted a different look. I think I may have wrecked a few things....for those of you who are html proficient, and/or have changed your layouts before, can you please help me get my additional on-the-side menus again?

I'm noticing a trend

So its the new year. Most people make weight loss goals for the new year. I like to remember that the new year is a time for renewing myself. Making goals. The problem is...I keep making the same goal, and keep failing. I want to lose weight, I want to be more patient with my husband and kids, I want to be more spiritual and dedicated to my religion, I want to give more service and I want to be all around MORE active.

I'm feeling a little down right now. Its the weight thing. Some people have the ability to burn calories as they are mowing down a chocolate cheesecake. I, on the other hand, just look at the cake and I feel the pounds pack on my rear. I remember when I was 18 or so, when I was smokin' hot and knew it...and ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and was able to maintain said smokin' hot body. That's not quite helping my issue though. Remembering the past is something of a curse for me. It creates more emotion for me that I'd like. I wish I had that metabolism back again. I wish I had the confidence I used to have. Although, now that I think about it....that confidence got me into a bunch of trouble. I'd settle for feeling comfortable.

I'm still here at the ranch, and I'll be coming back to Calgary tomorrow morning. Its Jos' 34th birthday, and Lliam 8th month birthday thingy. So we are going to celebrate. I'm so proud of my husband, and the things he's accomplished, and WILL accomplish this year. He works so hard for his family and me. He is my best friend. I can't wait to come home!

I'll continue my workouts and hope for the best. 2009, I'm not going to let you beat me! This is my YEAR!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Self Sabbotage?

So I'm on this weight loss journey. I've NEVER lost weight. Only gained, and gained. Maybe lost 10lbs here and there, but it came back and THEN some. So this is new to me. Eating proper, and working out as I should, etc. I'm seeing progress. Its very good to see. I've lost 23lbs since Lliam was born, and then I botch it all to high heck by eating out, AND then ordering dessert! 2 friggin days in a row! What am I thinking?!!! 5 lbs back on the scale. Please let it be mostly water weight from my 2 virgin ceasars with no ice.

I'll be at my dad's ranch all week helping him with the animals while he's away soaking up the sun in the Mayan Riveria. I'll be all alone with my kids....alone....anyone wanna join me? Horses? Wii fun? BBQ? sledding? Sleepover? HAHA.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Almost 100%

Boy oh boy, this bout of throat infection/cold is really taking its toll on me. I'm not sick that often, and when I am sick it doesn't stick around for more than 2 days. So this sick for 10 days is crappy. At least the baby is pretty much all better and back to normal. He's chipper and giggly. Its so cute. I'm thinking of starting a round of Slim in 6, then onto P90X when I'm all Slim in 6 weeks.

This year my goal is to lose about 20 lbs. Doable? I think so! In October is when my sisters and mother and I go to Vegas for our girls only trip. We are almost finished planning it, and now on to the saving aspect of it. I'm so excited for it! I am also taking a long weekend to go down to our land in Montana, for some R&R and camping. Perhaps setting it up for a family get together in the summer.
I want it to be summer real bad! Starting.....NOW!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I love my husky voice....hehe

Well my sniffies turned into a throat infection right away. Lovely. So now our whole household has this illness...and one by one, they'll all have to go and get antibiotics from the doctor. I got mine yesterday, and my pills I Have to take with food. Later in the evening I was ready for my 2nd dose of antibiotics an I figured I had enough food in my belly from dinner. Um. Nope. It was bad. I had tummy issues all I don't think I slept for more than 2 hours.

Sorry to interrup my story but this just in....

Anthony and I are playing Wii Sports bowling while I'm writing my blog, and as I'm typing I'm getting strikes...I know *talented* Anthony sees that just got a "turkey strike" (aka 3 strikes in a row). He says...Oh mom! mmmmm I love turkey! Ok it may not be funny for you guys...but it may just be the drugs and the perscription cough syrup I'm taking...but I laughed pretty hard.

Ok back to my whining.

During the night, Lliam needed a feed. So I get up and tend to him...during his feeding, I felt "the wave of nausea" come over me. I needed to quicky put Lliam back in his crib, and run to the bathroom...I know my body well, and it doesn't EVER leave me enough time to get to the bathroom in time. Lliam is screaming in his bed (he does that when he's not done eating), I'm barfing all over myself on the way to the I run the shower and hose off....meanwhile my dead-to-the-world husband hasn't heard a THING. Baby is still screaming. His coarse, sickly cry is now almost breaking my heart. I jump out of the shower, grab a towel, and run to finish feeding the baby. It was a rough night. I have a voice that sounds pretty husky. There's a part of me that loves it...but not the part where I actually feel the pain of it. My throat is sore ALL the time, and I have a week left on the antibiotics...the cough syrup is dangerous though. A yummy codine addict dangerous! mmmmm so yummy and dangerous.

That's enough of my blabbering for now. Whining is over for now.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Sniffies

I caught the sniffies, as my son would call it.


Having a cold, with the rest of your kids, sitting in a freezing cold house (waiting for it to be fixed) is not fun. At least I had a nice ripe fever to thaw out a bit....that wasn't really cool. But at least I'm feeling the heat now. Thanks fever. I'll take it.

I managed to teach my YW class, but my heart and spirit wasn't into it. I just couldn't pull off a cool lesson sounding and looking the way I do. Sick.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. I'll bank on that. C'mon tomorrow....can you please be a good day?

I saw another infomercial (I'm a sucker for those) about the P90X, I'm so looking forward to starting that fun journey. Our family updated our passes to the VSLC rec center (swimming, ice skating, and workout gym), so now I can start my running training. My brother got me an 8G MP3 player, and I've loaded a bunch of songs on it, so I can get motivated while running, and using the Gazelle. I can't wait to not be sick I can breathe...get back to the grind. etc.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year! 2009 - sucks so far.

Oh boy, what a whirlwind of events already in our new year.

New Years Eve was good. Jos took me to see Chicago - The Musical.

I'm not a critic of musicals, as I've only ever seen one other before this one. The sound was super, the dancing was great, but that's about it. They didn't ever change the props, or anything like that. They had the small front of stage to do their dancing on, so it was a little limited. I was hoping for something a little more "SPECTACULAR" but it was good for what it was. We had good seats, on the floor a little right of center. We got home at about 11:15pm, just enough time to take the baby sitter home, and celebrate our New Years as a family.

Jos and I were so pooped, that at 11:45 we went to bed, and sat in bed. We rolled over, looked at each other at 11:59, waited for the stroke of midnight, and said Happy New year, and rolled back over to crash. We were sooooo tired.

In the morning was a little chilly. Our house seems a little bit more cooler inside. Maybe its the -20 weather. Who knows. Any way...we were getting ready for going to mom's for New Years Day Dinner. Lance (brother who lives with me) came home from work early, and was able to come down with us to Cardston. We scrambled to get out of the house by 10am. We're all in the van, and ready to pull out of our driveway.

I start to back out, I shoulder check to see if anyone is coming down the street so I can pull out. No one is coming. I pull out, and at the corner of my eye, I see a RED Pontiac Grand Prix sliding into our driver's side back end. My instinct was to pull ahead to avoid the crash. The girl that was driving, was driving down the wrong side of the road, and was driving WAY too fast for conditions (hence the reason I didn't see anyone coming at the time of my pulling out-shoulder check) When she hit our back end, she continued to slide. So not only was this girl's fender crunched, but since she was still moving when hit the back end, the ENTIRE side of her car was scraped up and dented. Lovely! What a wonderful thing to happen RIGHT outside your house! She came out with some spicey words. Jos hopped out to see if she was alright. They calmed each other down, and took down each other's info. I appologized for the schmuck. I'd say the damage to HER vehicle was about $2000, and ours was about $10 of bumper paint. I swear, we didn't get one dent. Just paint transfer from her car to our bumper.

On to Cardston we went. We got to moms and to her surprise, Lance was with us. I love seeing that look on her face. She was truly grateful for most of her family being there. My other brother DJ (Doug) wasn't able to make it :( We made some fun times. Food was good. Games were good. Drive home was good. No accidents. Woo Hoo.
So we get home at about 10pm. Both our kids are sick with colds and coughs. Its so sad to hear a baby cough and cry with hardly any voice. We walk in the door, and its SUPER freezing in our house. We bundled up, put humidifiers in both the boys rooms to help them breathe, and we went to bed for the night. When we woke up, we found out that our heater fan is broken.
We have heat, just no fan to distribute the heat through the house. I've managed to find heat from our stove,
and I've bundled up the kids.
Isn't that just our luck that when we buy a house, things start breaking down?