Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Sniffies

I caught the sniffies, as my son would call it.


Having a cold, with the rest of your kids, sitting in a freezing cold house (waiting for it to be fixed) is not fun. At least I had a nice ripe fever to thaw out a bit....that wasn't really cool. But at least I'm feeling the heat now. Thanks fever. I'll take it.

I managed to teach my YW class, but my heart and spirit wasn't into it. I just couldn't pull off a cool lesson sounding and looking the way I do. Sick.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. I'll bank on that. C'mon tomorrow....can you please be a good day?

I saw another infomercial (I'm a sucker for those) about the P90X, I'm so looking forward to starting that fun journey. Our family updated our passes to the VSLC rec center (swimming, ice skating, and workout gym), so now I can start my running training. My brother got me an 8G MP3 player, and I've loaded a bunch of songs on it, so I can get motivated while running, and using the Gazelle. I can't wait to not be sick I can breathe...get back to the grind. etc.


Life as a Kenessey said...

Raeann does P90X and LOVES IT!!!

Debbie Jo said...

nice! Tanner just started his day 1 today. I can't wait for my after photo.