Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I love my husky voice....hehe

Well my sniffies turned into a throat infection right away. Lovely. So now our whole household has this illness...and one by one, they'll all have to go and get antibiotics from the doctor. I got mine yesterday, and my pills I Have to take with food. Later in the evening I was ready for my 2nd dose of antibiotics an I figured I had enough food in my belly from dinner. Um. Nope. It was bad. I had tummy issues all I don't think I slept for more than 2 hours.

Sorry to interrup my story but this just in....

Anthony and I are playing Wii Sports bowling while I'm writing my blog, and as I'm typing I'm getting strikes...I know *talented* Anthony sees that just got a "turkey strike" (aka 3 strikes in a row). He says...Oh mom! mmmmm I love turkey! Ok it may not be funny for you guys...but it may just be the drugs and the perscription cough syrup I'm taking...but I laughed pretty hard.

Ok back to my whining.

During the night, Lliam needed a feed. So I get up and tend to him...during his feeding, I felt "the wave of nausea" come over me. I needed to quicky put Lliam back in his crib, and run to the bathroom...I know my body well, and it doesn't EVER leave me enough time to get to the bathroom in time. Lliam is screaming in his bed (he does that when he's not done eating), I'm barfing all over myself on the way to the I run the shower and hose off....meanwhile my dead-to-the-world husband hasn't heard a THING. Baby is still screaming. His coarse, sickly cry is now almost breaking my heart. I jump out of the shower, grab a towel, and run to finish feeding the baby. It was a rough night. I have a voice that sounds pretty husky. There's a part of me that loves it...but not the part where I actually feel the pain of it. My throat is sore ALL the time, and I have a week left on the antibiotics...the cough syrup is dangerous though. A yummy codine addict dangerous! mmmmm so yummy and dangerous.

That's enough of my blabbering for now. Whining is over for now.


Debbi said...

boo for feeling sick!!!

Yay for drugs. mmmm . d rugs.

Kat said...

Oh i so feel for ya! Get better quick:(
After your antibiotics, go get some acidophilus and eat lots of yogurt...
enjoy you meds:)lol

Weez's Daily Zoo said...

can you say 1-900-Cole Group. hahahaha oh..i love it.
sorry you feel yucky. antibiotics are doing wonders for my near death year old who is now bouncing off the walls.