Saturday, November 29, 2008

Making Gingerbread Houses

I thought Anthony and I could do a fun, crafty type activity together that was leaning towards the anticipation of Christmas. Anthony is our little joy that would love to have Christmas ALL year around. Not just for the gifts, and candy, but for all the family time, the cartoon specials (you know you love "Frosty the Snowman", and the ever popular with excellent graphics "Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer")

We decided to make Gingerbread houses together. I'm not the most crafty person in the world, but forgive me but I CANNOT have my gingerbread house ruined by a 4 year old's "craftiness". So I bought Anthony his own so I can concentrate on building and creating one for myself.

I think we both had a great time (Minus a few spazzes when Anthony discovered that the icing doesn't really stick as well as he hoped)

Here are a few photos from 20 min ago.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Tagged by Marci - husband thingy

-What is your husband's name? Jos Ivan
-How long have you guys been married? 6 years and 6 months
-How long did you date? we met online and "dated" for about 4 months until we met in "real life" and he moved up to Canada 4 weeks later, then we really dated for 2 more months, and were engaged for 6 months after that.
-How old is he? 33, fricken old man! :D
-Who is taller? Jos is, and I'm happy he's just the right height for me.
-Who can sing the best? I think we are both good singers. I hope one day we can sing a duet in church or something....
-Who is smarter? Smart?! Um...well we both know more about certain stuff than the other. But I think Jos is more logical, and grammatically correct (all the time) than me.
-Who pays the bills? We both pay certain bills, and we both take care of each other equally.
-Who does the laundry? I usually do it, when I do it. When I've slacked off and Jos needs clean clothes to wear, he gets to do it himself.
-Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Jos sleeps on the right side, for now. The bed sleeping arrangements normally depend on where the door is located in the room. I must be closest to the door. I guess its a mom thing to get to the kids faster. :P
-Who mows the lawn? We *just* got a lawn mower this year, and I was only able to mow once! (can you believe that?!) We have a huge tree in our front yard that doesn't let much light through, so our grass grew pretty slow. And there isn't any grass in the backyard. Lucky me. I normally love to mow!
-Who cooks dinner? I cook dinner. Its something that I've really started looking forward to every day. Now that I have a plan, and food to cook with, it makes life so much easier, and healthy in our home. On sundays, I like it when Jos cooks, just so I can have a break.
-Who is the first to admit when they're wrong? I think we are both pretty stubborn about this one. I like to admit I'm wrong as soon as I can.
-Who kissed who first? Our first kiss was at the Nashville Airport, and I have actual video footage of the first kiss...HAHA We kissed each other because we were expecting to kiss each other first. I was SUPER NERVOUS and felt rushed.
Who wears the pants? We share the pants. On certain subjects and issues, he wears the pants, and other situations I wear the pants. Its fun that way. And it works for us.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanks, Carla for the tag!!!

Ok, so here I am. Posting. I spent all morning with a real estate agent cousin of mine, doing up paperwork so that we can buy the house that are currently living in. By the end of next week, it will be all over, and the stresses of paying a mortgage will take over. Look ma, I'm all grown up! LOL After signing my life away in about 40 different spots, we took Anthony to a church primary christmas activity. I'll admit, he's the favorite among the teachers and the kids. He got to decorate christmas cookies, make some reindeer crafts, and make some christmas tree ornments. Later on, a special visit from Santa Claus really surprised him. He sat on his lap, and shyly giggled as he told Santa what he wanted for Christmas. SO CUTE!!!

Carla tagged me in the "7 random things about me" meme. So here we go:

I love these random things about me games, because I can actually take a good look at myself and find the fun and unique things that *I* see about myself. I came up with 20, instead of 7...lucky you!

1. I hate raisins, except in Raisin Bran.

2. I wanted to be a firefighter, a marine biologist, and a doctor, when I was a kid.

3. I ate a 10 month old green egg, when I was in college. I was starving.

4. I've always wanted a pie in my face.

5. I can't put on my makeup unless my teeth are brushed. I can't brush my teeth before eating breakfast.

6. I hate the word apparatus.

7. I made my youngest brother eat a worm.

8. I love the smell of hot tar on a hot day.

9. I love baking, but I hate cleaning up the evidence of baking.

10. Was raised in Abbotsford BC...and hate it when people refer to that place as AbbotsFORD.

11. I make an amazing cinnimon roll.

12. I was never close to my father growing up...for 23 years I wouldn't really speak to him...only what was necessary to be a family, but now he's one of my best friends.

13. I wished I had a high metabolism.

14. My favorite kind of food is Greek.

15. I am afraid of swimming in open water. If I'm close to the shore, I'm ok.

16. I love thunderstorms.

17. I dropped a car battery on my toe as a child. OUCH

18. Love horseback riding and willing to try almost anything on a horse.

19. Scared of heights, but love bungee jumping.

20. I want to be more of a WWII buff.

OK, so I stole this from my old Livejournal 2 years ago, but its still pretty close to what I'd come up with today. Enjoy.

I tag everyone that reads my blog that hasn't already been tagged. You know who you are!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pretty Stale

I've had a pretty boring week. I don't have much to write about, but I hate seeing my blog so ignored. Our house hold had been hit with the never ending cold/flu! Just when I think we are over it, the second wave hits! Its so sad to see the baby sick, and Jos not being able to breath, and Lance not being able to talk. I, thankfully have a different immune system, and have only had a sniffle for a morning. Anthony as well, he's been able to fight through the plague as well.

I am making cookies with Anthony right now, and just waiting for the second batch to go in. YAY for rainbow chocolate chip cookies! mmmmm chocolate!

We are *this* close to buying our house, so its been a little stressful around here. We need to find a good lawyer that will answer our phone calls and emails so we can get this deal DONE!!!

I can't wait to visit my sister in Lethbridge. She just got home with her baby,and I can't wait to hug and squeeze him. He's soooo cute!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Congratulations Kennedy!!!

Kennedy finally went into real labor yesterday! WOOT! After a lengthy labor, and much exhaustion, the doctors found out that the baby's head was way too big to come out "naturally". So she was wheeled in for an emergency C-section. Baby Jack was born and weighed in at 8lbs 9 oz, 22 inches long. He has huge hands, and feet. He's got lots of dark hair, and a cute cleft in his chin.

Congrats sis! You did an amazing job!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Here it is.....a Post from Debbie Jo!!!!!

Its been far too long since I posted something of worth. SO here's my post of posts!

Now where to begin....

Oh yes...Halloween.

I have a few photos over the years of when we took Anthony out when he was 3 months old.

I think we missed 2005 and 2006 Halloween nights, I'm not sure why. In 2005, we lived in a basement suite in Surrey, and no kids ever came around back to trick or treat, so we just carved pumpkins.

In case you are wondering, these are StrongBad and StrongSad characters from Homestarrunner Anthony's favorite website since he was a baby.
In 2006 we lived in a big barn, without any neighbors close by. So I'm pretty sure we did nothing that night.

Halloween 2007, Anthony was BUZZ LIGHTYEAR! He was so proud to have a costume that lit up!

This year I have 2 boys to dress up! YAY. Anthony was Mario, and Lliam was a cute little Teddy bear. I dressed up last minute as a Tennessee Titan fan. We went out to our church's trunk or treat. Only 7 or 8 cars were there, so it didn't last for very long. The kids had a ton of fun though.

The next day, November 1st, we took the family to Drumheller to see the Dinosaur museum. I'm a huge fan of museums, and Anthony has shown some interest in seeing the Dinosaurs. So off we went. The drive was pretty nice. I love long drives with Jos. We always have the most intriguing conversations. Anthony decided that he had to go "potty" and there were NO places in the middle of nowhere to pee. Soooo...we pulled over for him to "water" the grass. hehe, is it bad to think that that's cute?!

The museum didn't have the effect I'd hoped for Anthony. He was way to scared to even walk in, with all the nature sounds, and *growls* and life-like dino models...he really thought they were out to get him. "mommy, I wanna go home....lets go" Oh dude, we aren't driving 2 hours back home now! I convinced him that all is well, that all dinosaurs are dead, and to try and have fun. We went with another family, the Pouwer's. Though we didn't actually hook up with them in the museum until we had already gone through, argh. But we still found them, and got to visit. We took our boys and their boys outside to play on the outdoor play structure. It was such a gorgeous day, it really felt like late Summer weather. Oh how lovely it was.

All good weather aside recently, I've still been feeling a little blue here and there. I've taken steps to take care of my black cloudy days, and I'm really looking forward to my sunny skies on a more regular basis. :D
The rest of my week was pretty uneventful, waiting for my sister to go into labor, avoiding cleaning my house, taking care of my sick sick boys (husband, sons, AND brother, all in the same household). Thankfully, I haven't gotten TOO TOO sick, just feeling a little tired and under the weather. Blah.

Friday night I volunteered at the Alberta Childrens' Hospital radiothon, sponsered by Country 105, and Q107. It was fabulous!!! As a volunteer, you really get to see how much goes into a project like that. Volunteers helping volunteers. It was really inspiring. We took a tour of the hospital, and I saw so many children fighting for their lives. Most had shaved heads, or some sort of amputee. It really inspired me to fight for them. As a special bonus, we had a guest there. Paul Brandt. He's my favorite country singer, and he's super nice. I got his autograph, and a picture taken with him, he put his cowboy hat on my head!! WOOT! Sorry for the lame photo, but all I had was my cell phone camera. The second photo, is my step mom, Wendy. She's also a huge fan. How lucky are we?!!! It was such a great experience, and I'd definately do it again next year, if given the chance.

Last night, I went out to another small girls night out with 2 of my girlfriends, Louise and Tara. We went to Cheesecake Cafe, and ordered a few appetizers and cheesecake. We had lots of laughs, and nice conversation. I couldn't believe we stayed there for nearly 3 hours! Woah. Here are a few photos of us.

I am curious to see if Anthony and Lliam look like each other at the same age. Lets compare shall we?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Its Coming!

Here is my post to tell ya'll that I'm going to post a real post soon! HAHA

Its coming up I swear. I'm just trying to find my camera so I can get some halloween pictures off of it. So bear with me.