Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pretty Stale

I've had a pretty boring week. I don't have much to write about, but I hate seeing my blog so ignored. Our house hold had been hit with the never ending cold/flu! Just when I think we are over it, the second wave hits! Its so sad to see the baby sick, and Jos not being able to breath, and Lance not being able to talk. I, thankfully have a different immune system, and have only had a sniffle for a morning. Anthony as well, he's been able to fight through the plague as well.

I am making cookies with Anthony right now, and just waiting for the second batch to go in. YAY for rainbow chocolate chip cookies! mmmmm chocolate!

We are *this* close to buying our house, so its been a little stressful around here. We need to find a good lawyer that will answer our phone calls and emails so we can get this deal DONE!!!

I can't wait to visit my sister in Lethbridge. She just got home with her baby,and I can't wait to hug and squeeze him. He's soooo cute!

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Carla said...

hey...buying your house??? where??? here in Cranston I hope???? fill me in