Saturday, January 17, 2009

Self Sabbotage?

So I'm on this weight loss journey. I've NEVER lost weight. Only gained, and gained. Maybe lost 10lbs here and there, but it came back and THEN some. So this is new to me. Eating proper, and working out as I should, etc. I'm seeing progress. Its very good to see. I've lost 23lbs since Lliam was born, and then I botch it all to high heck by eating out, AND then ordering dessert! 2 friggin days in a row! What am I thinking?!!! 5 lbs back on the scale. Please let it be mostly water weight from my 2 virgin ceasars with no ice.

I'll be at my dad's ranch all week helping him with the animals while he's away soaking up the sun in the Mayan Riveria. I'll be all alone with my kids....alone....anyone wanna join me? Horses? Wii fun? BBQ? sledding? Sleepover? HAHA.


Debbi said...

shut up- I SOOOO wanna come over. Wii and horses. What else could a girl want.

Alas, I'm stuck here. :(

Weez's Daily Zoo said...

i totally want to come there. anika is still under the weather and traver has bronciolitis :( so i dont know if i should come. are you there the whole week? maybe i can come Thurs-Fri. the kids would LOVE the horses and i really need to try out your wii.

Debbie Jo said...

Debs - What mischief we could get into you and me....Wooooo

Weez - it will be nice to have ya sans sick kids. Lets hope they get better soon.