Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year! 2009 - sucks so far.

Oh boy, what a whirlwind of events already in our new year.

New Years Eve was good. Jos took me to see Chicago - The Musical.

I'm not a critic of musicals, as I've only ever seen one other before this one. The sound was super, the dancing was great, but that's about it. They didn't ever change the props, or anything like that. They had the small front of stage to do their dancing on, so it was a little limited. I was hoping for something a little more "SPECTACULAR" but it was good for what it was. We had good seats, on the floor a little right of center. We got home at about 11:15pm, just enough time to take the baby sitter home, and celebrate our New Years as a family.

Jos and I were so pooped, that at 11:45 we went to bed, and sat in bed. We rolled over, looked at each other at 11:59, waited for the stroke of midnight, and said Happy New year, and rolled back over to crash. We were sooooo tired.

In the morning was a little chilly. Our house seems a little bit more cooler inside. Maybe its the -20 weather. Who knows. Any way...we were getting ready for going to mom's for New Years Day Dinner. Lance (brother who lives with me) came home from work early, and was able to come down with us to Cardston. We scrambled to get out of the house by 10am. We're all in the van, and ready to pull out of our driveway.

I start to back out, I shoulder check to see if anyone is coming down the street so I can pull out. No one is coming. I pull out, and at the corner of my eye, I see a RED Pontiac Grand Prix sliding into our driver's side back end. My instinct was to pull ahead to avoid the crash. The girl that was driving, was driving down the wrong side of the road, and was driving WAY too fast for conditions (hence the reason I didn't see anyone coming at the time of my pulling out-shoulder check) When she hit our back end, she continued to slide. So not only was this girl's fender crunched, but since she was still moving when hit the back end, the ENTIRE side of her car was scraped up and dented. Lovely! What a wonderful thing to happen RIGHT outside your house! She came out with some spicey words. Jos hopped out to see if she was alright. They calmed each other down, and took down each other's info. I appologized for the schmuck. I'd say the damage to HER vehicle was about $2000, and ours was about $10 of bumper paint. I swear, we didn't get one dent. Just paint transfer from her car to our bumper.

On to Cardston we went. We got to moms and to her surprise, Lance was with us. I love seeing that look on her face. She was truly grateful for most of her family being there. My other brother DJ (Doug) wasn't able to make it :( We made some fun times. Food was good. Games were good. Drive home was good. No accidents. Woo Hoo.
So we get home at about 10pm. Both our kids are sick with colds and coughs. Its so sad to hear a baby cough and cry with hardly any voice. We walk in the door, and its SUPER freezing in our house. We bundled up, put humidifiers in both the boys rooms to help them breathe, and we went to bed for the night. When we woke up, we found out that our heater fan is broken.
We have heat, just no fan to distribute the heat through the house. I've managed to find heat from our stove,
and I've bundled up the kids.
Isn't that just our luck that when we buy a house, things start breaking down?

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