Friday, January 30, 2009

Very Busy week!

I know I've slowed down in the blog-world as far as writing, its been a little crazy around here. I've had my mother and sister with her 2 kids over visiting. I love having them here, its always a hoot. I have been snowmobiling, shopping, going to Applebees (oh YUM) and soon we'll be going to the wave pool with my brothers kids and all our kids. Woah, its going to be a crazy day today now that I think about it. They'll be here until saturday. So busy busy busy....

Next week our family will be visiting the coast. We are heading back for a few days for Jos' business. I'm going along for the ride, and I also MISS B.C. and my friends! Its RRSP season people! Hook us up! I'll be there from Feb 5th, 6th, 7th and leaving the 8th. I'm way excited about this trip. It just puts another crazy stressfull log on the fire. I have to pack for the kids and all the crap that takes up most of the space in the van, and all of our stuff as well. Ah, no worries, we'll get it all figured out.

I'm still working on my blog, and I actually change it daily, and change it back, and fix this and whatnot....and while "fixing" my blog, I've lost ALL my blogging friends Do you remember everyone that was on my list? I'd like to make a list again...just in case.

Thanks for hanging on, and reading my boring post, that I'm too busy to think about.


Debbi said...

you're funny-- I don't remember your blog list no. :(

Have fun!
And jealous about the roadtrip! Enjoy! Say hi to peeps for me.

Debbie Jo said...

Thanks Deb - I remember YOU being on my blog list...silly girl!

I'll say hi to everyone that I see. Just for you! :)