Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My support blog entry.

Some of you may know that my husband has been working as a financial advisor part-time for the last year or so, and that he’s gotten really good at it. He’s at the point now where we’re looking to make the move to full-time in the beginning of 2009. To make that work, he needs to build up his client base over the next few months. The biggest way financial advisors build their businesses is through referrals, so I’m referring him to all of you.

I don’t like to use my blog to advertize or spam people, so I won’t be sending out any more messages or emails like this, but he’s my husband, and this is me supporting him. I hope you guys, my friends and family, will support me by helping out. If you could use a really good financial advisor, or know anyone else who might, please email or call me or Jos. It doesn’t cost anything to sit down with him for a half-hour, and see what he can do. If you sit down with him and it turns out you don’t need his services, no hard feelings, and neither of us will bug you about it, so don’t worry about that. Jos isn’t a pushy guy, and he knows how squeamish I am about asking my friends to do business stuff (I had some bad experiences with MLM years ago).

Jos mentioned that most people don’t really know what “financial advisors” do, and there’s a lot of confusion – even suspicion about it. He’s not there to scare you or trick you into spending money you don’t have, or tell you that you have to live on “wiggly soup” to save for retirement. He’s not going to try to convince you to risk your savings or your house on some wild, super- risky investment scheme. In fact, most of the time he just helps people pay off their debts super-fast. He knows how to pay off your house years sooner than you thought you could, making the same payments you’re making right now, for example. Even if you rent, like we do, Jos can show you how to free up enough money to buy a house sooner. He knows how you can save tons on your taxes, and he knows how to turn $5,000 into almost $4 Million by the time you retire. He even knows how you can take the money out tax-free!

Most of the businesses his group sits down with have decent - but not great – benefits programs. Jos knows how to make the benefits program top-notch, and it usually costs less to have better benefits than it does to have the “ok” ones. He should sit down with your boss, and you can get all the credit for saving your boss money, as well as getting better benefits.

One of the things he does I wish I’d known about sooner, so I could have told some of you months ago. He has a Critical Illness program for children, which covers things like Autism, Meningitis, Cerebral Palsey, Cystic Fibrosis, Type 1 Diabetes, and 8 other childhood illnesses. If your child is ever diagnosed with these conditions, the program pays between 25 thousand and 2 million dollars, tax-free, which you can spend however you want – to pay for treatment, or take time off work to be with them at home, or whatever. It also includes access to the best doctors in the world to help your child get better – they’ll review the case for free. It includes healthcare-, convalescence-, psychological-, and even legal-assistance. No wondering about how you’ll provide the best care for your child in the face of such a massive challenge. And if you are blessed enough to never need the program, you can choose to get money back, and you can use it to pay for university, or weddings, or whatever. Either way, you can help take care of your children, and Jos can help you do that.

I don’t understand most of the details of what Jos does, he’s gotten a lot of training about it, and he had to get licensed to be able to even really talk about it. I just know that he’s helped our family, and several others, and I’d like him to be able to help your family and friends as well.

Oh, and I’m supposed to tell you that none of his clients have lost a penny in all of the “sub-prime” financial crisis stuff that’s been going on lately.

So anyway, my husband’s a genius financial advisor, and I hope he can help you, or your family and friends, or even the company you work for. Call us, or email, and set up a half-hour sit-down with Jos. He won’t tell me anything about your money situation (Privacy Act), and he’ll probably show you things you never imagined you could do with money (including making more than you have right now).

That’s the end of my commercial blogging/emailing. Thanks for reading, and thanks for helping me help my hubby. I’m very proud of what he does as a financial advisor with Canada Loyal, and of how hard he works to help our family by helping other families. I like the fact that my husband comes home excited about what he’s done each day, and I like that his clients always seem grateful for what he’s done with them. I don’t expect that I’ll be posting or emailing anything like this again, so thanks again for reading this one.

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