Thursday, October 30, 2008

Focus Focus Focus

I realize that I can only focus on one thing at a time. When its de-clutter time, I go GUNG-HO on de-cluttering, and focus on NOTHING else but that. When its time to get serious about losing weight, I can't focus on anything but that. My house gets neglected, my laundry gets neglected, and I'm so FOCUSED on that one thing at the time. Right now, its losing weight. I really want to just get it done. I want to see progress. I am thinking about everything that goes into my mouth, how much water I'm drinking, if my workouts are as intense as I need them to be.

Yesterday was one of those days, where I woke up not feeling well at all. Normally, I wouldn't work out while feeling like crap. After speaking with my mother, she convinced me that doing just 10 mintues will make me feel better. I actually had to weigh the feelings of being sick and feeling crappy about not working out, or feeling extra tired from working out and sticking through it while being sick. It was one of those days where it was Cardio AND weight lifting day. I managed to get my 1/2 hr in of cardio, but the kiddies made it hard to get my weights training in. By 10:30pm I was feeling pretty guilty about not "finishing" my workout. I knew that if I finished up my workout, that my adreneline would keep pumping until around 1:30am, but if I didn't work out, then I'd feel pretty crappy about not being consistant, and quit. Argh. Thanks to a supportive husband, I picked up those weights, popped in the DVD and pushed through it. I got it DONE! I even got a fabulous body massage afterward to put me to sleep. What a blessing. Thanks Jos!

This morning, I watched my PVR'd episode of Workout, its airing on the Slice channel.
I've been watching it since day 1 and I love it. Its totally given me the extra motivation I needed to re-start my weight loss journey. On last night's episode, one of the trainers were training a client, and when I looked closely, I noticed that the client was that very girl that is posted in my "future Hotness" entry. What a coinky dink! Her name is Jamie, and she's a cancer survivor (breast cancer) hence the fake and gorgeous breasts she's sporting. So in a year or two I'll be able to compare the hotness with her. Woot! By the way, Jos, if you are reading this...add this to my christmas list...

ta ta

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Christy said...

just wanna say how amazing you are ! i too like to just focus on one specific thing. keep up the good work. thanks for motivating me to atleast get a 15 minute run in.