Sunday, August 24, 2008

Clean Sweepin'

I'm one more step closer to being 100%, in fact, I think I'm already there, and headed to 110%. My mom came into town this past weekend. Normally I'd have some sort of anxiety about it. I stress about how clean my house is, or how hubby is going to get along, or what sort of miscommunication will happen that will result in a fight or something. But over the last few visits I've had with her, we've been able to resolve a few issues that have been lingering. Its nice to just release those hard feelings. She's introduced me to Louise Hay's "You can Heal your life"

I have watched the DVD, and now reading the book. So far so good. It teaches you how to do some affirmations (telling yourself positive things), and how to release the past and past feelings etc. WOW. Like I said, so far so good.

Mom and I got to talking, and we managed to have a feel-good emotional release session. After that conversation, a flood of emotion took over. I started to change my outlook on a few things. I started looking around my own house for things that I could make better. So, I made a list. Here is my list of things I want to accomplish:

- Be more active outdoors
- Be more Oraganized
-(I changed to "I will" statements after this)
- I will be a more organized person
- I will clean/de-clutter something from my house daily
- I will not be comfortable in my misery
- I will be happy and surround myself with happy people
- I will think positive
- I will stop making excuses when I want to change or fix something in my life
- I will organize and prepare healthy meals daily
- I will set aside an hour each day for myself (read, work out, nap)

We spent the whole day yesterday de-cluttering. We cleaned out the spare room, and made it a playroom for Anthony as well as the spare room. No more toys upstairs in my living room!! We cleaned, and organized, and emptied those nasty "last second packing" boxes that have a ton of crap in them. I collected my empty rubbermaid bins, and filled them with stuff that normally cluttered my house. I now have a storage space under my stairs, so I put that to good use. How refreshing it feels to clean sweep, not just your house, but your life! I have put away feelings that have been so close to the surface for years, that it actually feels like I lost 5 lbs!

I'm so glad that I have a great mom that is striving to be a better person, and helping me along the way to be a better person. We've always been close, and there was about a 10 yr period where we weren't very close, and now things are so good between us. She helps me with my kids, she's a hard worker, she's a great person to talk to, she's a great mother.

Then to top off my day, we called a TV repairman, and finally fixed our messed up TV. It set us back $300 cash, but it was well worth it. Instead of going into debt and buying another dream TV, we repaired this one. WOW, seeing the Olympics is wonderful now. No more 3-D vision.

Life is seeming a lot better now. ;)

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Bobbi-Jo Grunewald said...

That's awesome - so uplifting and inspiring. We all need to de-clutter our lives in some way, shape or form. I just finished cleaning out our storage room and cleaning closets, and I feel so much...lighter.

So great that you and your mom were able to talk like adults (so hard to do with moms - even when you ARE an adult. LOL!) and resolve some issues. It must feel so exhilerating. So happy for you!