Sunday, August 31, 2008

A little here, a little there

Its been a whole week now of de-cluttering my house. I'm thinking it will take me about a month to fully do what I want to this place. I've made a dent in my efforts and can really see progress. I can't wait for it to get to a point where cleaning is actually FUN and not a chore. Where my space is a place where I can feel peace, and tranquility (as much as Whitehorn can offer right? :P)

My back yard is still in dis-array though


Let me remind you, that this stuff isn't mine. Its my brothers stuff. About 1/4 of this mess has been taken away to the dump and "moved around" but its still quite the mess. I can't wait until there is a back yard where my little boys can play in. Its so scary and full of cans of chemicals and waste! I don't go out there, EVER! Its his crap, I think he should deal with it. But on the other hand, if I ever want to use this backyard SOMEONE has to start somewhere right?! ARGH

This week just seem to fly by! We had our 8GV night, and that was a super HOOT! I just love those girls, and was able to laugh until tears flew down my cheek. How blessed am I that I have such a fun group of girls to tell all my dirty (yes, I mean dirty dirty) secrets too! They know pretty much all there is about me, or at least they know a WHOLE LOT about me so far. I'm an open book (hence me starting this blog) and I don't mind sharing at all about my crazy life.

I spent most of my weekend watching my cousin Kenny play in the World's softball tournament. They didn't win a single game! It was cold, windy and pretty miserable. I'm glad to be able to come home and enjoy a hot bath, and use my new facial products! I spent about $250 on them from this really super Israeli salesman. He sure knows how to sell a good package! (deal that is)
Some pretty great products, I must say!
I'm really looking forward to this week. Monday is our ward Corn Bust and completing my main floor of decluttering, and tuesday I'm driving down to Lethbridge to be with my sisters for some fun sisterly time! Then on friday night I'm headed down South with my best girlies for some giggly fun time at a RS retreat! WOOT! Who can stay depressed with fun times like these?


Debbi said...

EEEEEE!! You're coming!? Yay. I'm soooo excited. When Val told us we can bring peeps, and we told her we probably would, she asked who. We told her, and she's all, "YAY! I love Debbie Jo!" LOL

Debbie Jo said...

Yep, Cyndi just called and told me that there was a green light for me to go! WOOT! I've found a place for Anthony to go for friday and saturday. Sweeeet!