Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I've been trying to fight this, but I fear that it might be setting in. The Big "D". Depression. It sucks. I've been feeling happy for many months now, and not liking this cloudy feeling AT ALL. Hubby is doing all he can, really, to help me with this. He wants me to kick this as much as I do. No one wants a depressed, negative person around them all the time. I've been trying a few things that I know that works for me. Its helped a bit. But I think I needed something a little more.

This is what I think I need:

I might fly out to get him as soon as next week. Or he'll be shipped to me, depending on what the shipping costs are. If they are the same for me to pick him up, I'll just fly down to Arizona and pick him up. His name is Archer, and Jos and I have been wanting a Mini Cocker Spaniel for months now. I came into some inheritance money, and I'm thinking that this is how I want to spend it. Something just for me. The cat we have is the family cat, but I got him just for Jos. So this puppy would be just for me. He's the runt of the litter, and as he's already a Mini Cocker Spaniel, he'd still be a small little sucker. He's so cute and oh so loveable. I'm putting my deposit on him this afternoon. WOOT.

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