Friday, August 8, 2008

Cardston Bound

Well, this week seemed to have zoomed by. Anthony had his 4th birthday. He helped bake and ice his cake. Of course for my choco-holic son it was a chocolate fudge cake with chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles. I know it doesn't sound like much (I'll post pictures soon) but he really had a great time helping me make it. He was so happy to have a birthday for himself. He normally is the cutie pie that calls up family members on their birthday to sing them "Happy Birthday". So we sung for him, and he was a happy camper.

Today, I'm packing and leaving for Cardston. I have a family softball tournament I'm playing in. My first game is at 5:15pm at Lions Park. I'm a little nervous, as my family (ie. Uncle Gibb) is really competitive, and I just had a baby, and super mooshy and out of shape. I really hope I don't embarass the family as bad as I do every year. I'm the one striking out, falling on my face running to first base etc. I should just walk around wearing a helmet full time, I swear!

I'm still trying to shake my negative feelings off me 100%, and its still hard to. I'm a postitive person and with such a 'gift' I try and radiate my positive-ness. I feel like there's a dark cloud always following me. Is depression sinking in again? I normally can detect it, and nip it before it gets pretty bad. I know I need love, girlfriends, horseback riding, hiking and being out doors to help with it. So I know what I'm doing when I get back from Cardston.

I'm down 18 lbs, and that is helping my self esteem a little bit. Now i need to work on the smoosh. Build muscle, etc.

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Debbi said...

hahaha, loving the comment about wearing a helmet full time. lol

mmmmm, maybe it IS depression!? Maybe you just need to get your butt down to sunnier skies in Cranston!? (okay, maybe Cardston this weekend, Cranston next?) OOOOh, maybe you should find a sitter for AJ for 2 weeks from now and have a good GIRL TRIP!! I want you to come!!