Monday, August 4, 2008

One more Family Reunion to Go!

I just got back from the Findlay reunion in Medicine Hat. It was much smaller than usual, as so many people happened to be busy this time around. It was Jos and I representing the Jensen's at the reunion. It was great to talk and catch up, and "re-get-to-know" all the 2nd and 3rd cousins again. The weather was alright. We saw some rain, some sun, some clouds and we were just content in our new Superstore tent ($49.99 special for a 7-man) its pretty neato.

I am so lazy, I didn't take any pictures of this reunion. But be sure, I will take pictures of the Jensen one this weekend. Its a Family softball tournament and the Jensen reunion. My most favorite of them all. Its my grandfather's children, and their children. I love how each year it gets bigger and bigger with all the new kiddies! I love that I'm finally contributing to the kiddie-count.

I'm feeling much better than last week. Thank goodness. No more milk issues. I'm so glad to be healthy again. Woot!

I desperately need to clean my house, organize, and get ready for another reunion this weekend in Cardston.

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juliette pouwer said...

seriously are you ever home? :D
Come and play when you do decide you are home.
And glad you're feeling better, remember I'm here when ever you need to vent :D