Sunday, September 7, 2008

A fun week!!!

This week was chalk full of fun times! Gee, I really love this mat-leave business!!! On tuesday, I drove to Lethbridge for a visit with my sisters. Anthony always looks forward to seeing his cousin Will, and the mischief they can get into together. Will has a bunch of fun toys that Anthony doesn't have, and honestly, we can't afford the toys Will has. That's ok, a nice trip to Lethbridge is cheaper right?! I went shopping at Wal-Mart, and got some necessities (ie. Fluffy spa bath towels for $6 - gotta love that Roll-back!
and some cheap DVD movies,
an organizational unit *small enough to put on our kitchen counter for some clutter relief*)
I brought home a small, but free, TV that I put in our Master Bedroom (Only to watch dirty DVDs at night....Er...I mean, watching my workout videos in the privacy of my own room)

I went to my sister's Ward Corn bust. At least I didn't pass out this time! Woah!!
I guess I haven't blogged about THAT incident yet. On Labor Day was my ward Corn bust. I was so looking forward to it! We got there, and the food was super! The corn was pretty good too, so good I had myself 2-1/2 cobs. After the corn was served, the dessert table appeared. I helped myself to a few treats, mostly chocolate. THEN the ward provided a cotton candy machine for some candy floss (LOL, floss!) After having a small portion of cotton candy, I must have gone into some sugar-induced pass out! I was holding Lliam at the time, so Jos reacted quickly and grabbed the baby, set him down, and tried to hold me up in my chair. I was in and out of consciousness for about 15 mintues!
A couple of guys (not sure if my husband was one of these two guys) hauled me out to a room in the church to assess the situation a little better without the whole ward watching. I came to, and of course had my bawl session of embarassment and disorientation, then started to feel better. Wierd! I haven't passed out since I was pregnant!

Anywho, so I went to my sister's ward corn bust (I'm a glutten for punishment - HAHA) and nothing bad happened this time. I tried to monitor what I was putting in my mouth a little better. It was at Pavan Park in Lethbridge and I hadn't been there before.
It was a cute little park in the North, and it was in the coulees. It was a perfect day for it too. After the corn bust, we took the boys (Anthony and Will) to Galt Gardens, to watch the new musical/laser fountain.
The boys loved to chase each other around the shooting water! They got soaked by the end of the night.

Friday, it was time to head back toward home again. Our next stop was in Nanton, to drop Anthony off at my dad's for him to be tended for the night. I was on my way to a RS retreat with the Cranston Ward. I was invited to attend, and I'm so glad that I got to go! It was in Glenwood at this HUGE (14 bdrm) cabin. There were like 45 people there! I counted about 13 babies there, all under the age of 1) Woah! There were sleeping bags and foamies all over the place, a true sleep over sight! I got into my PJ's, and we started playing those sleepover-type games. Oh man! It was so fun. I met so many ladies, and felt so 'at home'! It was so great to spend the night with my girlfriends! It was just the icing on the cake! Lliam was with me, and was such a good baby. I had my own room so I could be alone with Lliam. He slept through the night!! Like all through the night! It was super!

After such a great weekend, I'm so ready for a great week of continued de-cluttering, cleaning, hauling crap off to the junk yard, organizing, painting, and maybe even kitchen floor replacing! I have help, no worries!

*SIGH* ahhhhh, that was so super! Sorry, I don't have actual photos from the night, but I assure you, I had a great time!

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