Monday, September 29, 2008

Where have I been these last few days?!

I do exist, I swear! It has been a tough couple of weeks. I've spent most of my time helping my dad prepare for his 100+ people BBQ for his company (Canada Loyal). It was a western theme. We had horseback rides for the kids, western music (live), a bouncy castle for the kids, everyone was provided a cowboy hat, the food was amazing, and the weather was PERFECT. I really felt the hard work that my brother, my father and me put into it, was well worth it. I was happy to help and felt a great reward. There was an auction for those that earned "Canada Loyal Bucks". For every life insurance, investment etc application sent in from June-September equals $1000 to spend. So if you put in 5 insurance policies for business, you received $5000 of "Canada Loyal Bucks" to spend at this auction. The items were paid for by the company, and there were such great things to buy! A big, flat screen TV, mountain bikes, household appliances, tools, Digital cameras etc.

Here are a few pictures of what it looked like, and how much fun we had. I have also taken photos of what we won at the auction. Not much else to post about, I have a lot on my mind that has nothing to do with my last few weeks. I need to talk to someone verbally. Not sure if anyone wants to hear. Bah, whatever.


Carla said...

yah...where have you been the past few days? i was wondering the same thing.
looks like you did a fantastic job on the BBQ.

Life as a Kenessey said...

Your DAD is so lucky that you are so generous with your talents and time!!! DAUGHTER of the year!!!