Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Not much is happening

I feel life is pretty much calming down. Its weird having no real big projects on the go this week. I'm sure I'll invent something to do by this afternoon. I just don't want my blog to be a dud blog. I'm really not as entertaining online as I thought I was. LOL For those of you who actually know me in person, I'm far more crazy than my blog lets on. I haven't seen my Girls Night ladies in over 2 weeks, and I'm in serious need of some perverted laughs! NAKED. LOL had to add that in there.

I'm now going to talk about some random stuff about me.

This week I'm trying out a menu plan and grocery list. I've never made a plan. I just find whatever is in the fridge and make-do. Appearantly, it was never a good idea, because I never came up with anything good. Sometimes I would just give up, and have Jos bring home something fast-foodish. Blah, I know! To end the never ending kitchen door opening ceremonies that happened everyday at 4pm, I bought into a menu planning website. They supply me with the menu for the week, and the grocery list for all of it. All for $6.95 a month. LOL I know!!! Some of you say its a waste of money, but I see it as an investment for my future. I'm actually making dinner at home, and its sooo yummy. I am learning to use my new Crock Pot we rec'd in the Canada Loyal Auction. I made an amazing roast beef on monday night, and last night I made some swedish meatballs in the crock pot. I guess from the money we are saving from getting take out, its a good investment in my eyes.

I'm loving this fall weather! We have the beauty of the changing colors, the warmth of the sun still on my back, and far less bugs! WOAH, why haven't I fallen in love with fall/autumn before??? I've always considered it a dead season. Everything dies, falls off, crusts off, cools down, the fun is OV-ER!!!! I'm seeing things in a more postitive light lately. I'm really trying to see the positive in my life.

I'm so blessed. I have a great family, a house to live in that I can afford, food in my fridge in which to make my lovely dinners. I live in a great country that hasn't fully gone to pot. I have a mother and father that still talk to me and love me! I have a husband that has gainful employment, for now. I have a testimony. I have good health. I am still developing talents. I'm not very good at barrel racing now, but you just watch out for next season! LOL I'll be a chap-wearing cowgirl soon enough.

Well, that's all my randomness for now.

Here is something that I wrote on my Livejournal blog January 8th, 2007 that always gives me a good giggle.

"I was getting ready for work this morning, put on my clothes and went about my morning routine...and everywhere I went I could smell cat pee (I loathe cat pee smell.....hate it hate it hate it!!!) and no matter what I did, or where I went, I could smell this cat pee. I checked under my shoes, on my pants, and nothing.

So I get to work, and Mimi had left me some shirts for me to have and try on.

I go about my day, and still grossing myself out with cat pee smell. Then I smelled collar of my shirt and POOF!!! The stench was unbelievable!! The cat pee smell was literally under my nose!!! The stupid 3-legged cat pees everywhere!!!! Now on my own clothes!!!

Anyways, I realized that I had a choice of shirts I could put on and take off the cat-pee shirt.

So I listened intently for footprints coming towards my back office...all seems clear and ready for the shirt swap.

I take off my cat-pee shirt, fully bra-exposed and all, and quickly put the new shirt over my head. THEN I could hear top wasn't over my chest yet when Suzanne (the not-quite-sure-if-she's-gay asst. manager) walks in...."WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!!" She yells.

I had *just* finished pulling the shirt completely over me at this point, and had this stupidly funny embarassing look on my face.

"I was just, ...uh...putting on my shirt" I said

"What the heck were you doing with your shirt off??" Suzanne asked.

"It smelled like cat-pee!, I'm sure you'd understand if it was under your nose for 3 hours without noticing it there" I said,.

She just tilted her head back and laughed.

Yes, I laughed too....

It made my day!!!

Enjoy the visual"


Carla said...

you are too the cat-pee story. i got a good chuckle out of it. thanks

oh...and food planning etc is for sure the way to go. i started doing it last year and has made my life less stressful when it come do dinner. i also find i am not spending extra when i'm at the grocery store cause i stick to my list. on the otherside of that as well, i am not throwing fresh veggies away that i never got around to using thinking when i bought them that i would.

Angie said...

Oh Debbie Jo...I love ya, you are full of the BEST stories!!! I'm just glad that I actually got to witness some of the things that have happened in your the bird that pooped on your arm at lunch time when we were out on the field at Abby Sr. Oh deary that was a good laugh!!

Debbie Jo said...

Angie, oh my heck. I seriously haven't thought of that embarrassing moment for YEARS. I could write a novel of embarrassing moments from the ages 12-22 and I would FILL the book! Looking back, HILARIOUS junk I said, went through, had happen...oh man. *tear* good times.