Thursday, October 16, 2008

Downer McDownerson

Yep, that's me today. I'm feeling rather frustrated and upset. When I applied for my Maternity Leave benefits, I only applied for the 15 week leave. Yeah, dumb me. So we haven't rec'd a mat leave cheque in a month...and we REALLY need that money yesterday! I feel like such a fool, a broke fool. We applied for a mortgage pre-approval. Um....there isn't a house that we could actually buy with what we were pre-approved for.

I was so down about it today, that I even considered suicide!!!

On a funny note, Lliam finally pooped today! WOOT, after 10 days of waiting, its something to shout out about! Speaking of poop, he really reaks right now. I gotta go. Then I'll cry some more. Then maybe plan for some way to make money without losing my Mat leave.


Debbi said...

Djo-- we all have crappy days. But you're a strong strong woman deep down. And this depressed-DebbieJo just isn't the true YOU that you and I BOTH know you are!

I love you, hun. can't wait to see you tonight-- you KNOW you need it. Come out and die laughing instead! ;)

Debbie Jo said...

My suicide thought was really brief, trust me...but the truth is, I actually thought it!!! Bah. I really need some girl time! I'm really looking forward to it, I'm just broke and can't do anything that requires money.