Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stolen from my LJ

I've been reading my old posts from my Livejournal. Oh man, I feel so old now after reading those. I started when I was pregnant I think. May of 2004.

Anyways, I stumbled across this post. I'm such a weirdo.

"Yesterday I had some fresh-from-the-island Pineapple. I chopped it up, and poked hands like crazy doing it, and ate a few pieces I had cut. I absolutely love fresh pineapple, but my tongue explodes afterwards. I said to myself that I would take any tongue punishment it will give me, if I could only have one more body gave in. I had that second piece. Both sides of my tongue are now swollen and full of cankers (ew I know) so it makes it really interesting for me to talk, let alone chew things, like gum, food etc. Funny thing is...I HAD TO HAVE MORE PINEAPPLE!!! I took two more pieces today, and ate them. OH YUMMY. Fresh, sweet, totally full of poison I'm sure, because the effects are really terrible. If figure, if I'm going to be in pain for the first offense...goshdarnit, I'm going to enjoy my darn pineapple and keep eating it until its all gone. HA! Take that pineapple acid! You may take my tastebuds away for a brief period, you may reek havoc on my mouth, but you'll never take my FREEDOM! er...nevermind."


Debbi said...

haha. you ARE as dorky as I always knew you to be!

ANd that's why I love ya.

Carla said...

you are crazy girl...but i love the way you take your punishment 'gracefully'!
love ya