Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No Hair

Oh my gosh, I just have flashbacks from grade 9. Believe it or not, this used to be my nick name. No Hair. I have very fine and thin hair. It must have been super funny for my friends to make fun of my absence of a thick/full head of hair. Weird things entertain my then-circle of friends, so I don't blame them. We even came up with a comic strip about my "no-hairness" One day, I'll have to remake it and scan it in and share it. Its super funny (to me anyway)

Speaking of hair, and the lack thereof...

I am starting the post partum hair loss process. BOOOO

It sucks more now because I just this great new hair do. What a waste! Some people know this about me already, so its not really a secret, but I've always wanted to shave my head, bald! I'm tempted more than ever now.

I'd probably do it sooner than later. I need to find a decent wig for those awkward hairgrowth in-between stages.

hmmm...Thinking......about it now.

I'll keep you posted. Maybe I'll make it a GV activity! Bwaaa! Yeah right.


I took Lliam in today to get his 4 month shots. He did SOO great this time. He peeped just a little bit, and that was IT!! Hardly any tears, woah! I'm so proud of him. He's up to 15lbs 7 oz now, and doing well.

My sister is due any day now with her second boy! I'm so excited, and can't wait. I was such a spazz during my last month. She's doing very well. Good luck Kennedy!!


Marci said...

What kind of childhood nic-name is No Hair?/ That's so boring.

Hope things get better though! I LOVE your new hair do!

Aww---little Lliam. So glad things went well for him. 4 months already!?! WOW!

Carla said...

no hair huh??? really, i'm sure they could've thought up a better nickname for ya.

hey...if you really want to shave it all, i'll do it for you if you want. okay...just kidding, but i'm sure you won't loose all of your hair during this time. maybe you'll be left with a couple of strands (hahaha)

you'll look great no matter what!

Erin said...

Oh! I HATE post-partum hair loss!!! Each child I hope I can avoid it, but inevitably it comes. My hair is SO great when I am pregnant - it really is a grieving process to let it go :)
I am in "recovery" from it now - a million tiny little hairs sticking up all over the place!! So annoying!

Best of luck!

Sharon said...

I too wish we could all keep our maternity hair. So lush, so full, so glossy.
Be comforted in the fact that we all go through it.

Sharon said...

I forgot to mention what a cutey Lliam is.

Kat said...

Yes Erin i think we are at the same stage! Its been so long since my last baby, I forgot about the hair thing and one day in the shower, there was a rug sliding down my arm. It must get worse with every kid or with age? Man it sucks! By the way Lliam is a real cutie!

Christy said...

sorry to hear about your hair loss deej :( i totally remember that and...NO it's not fun. I was once conviced I was going to go bald.
I can't believe how big your little boy is getting. where does the time go ??? miss you