Monday, September 15, 2008

A little Update

On wednesday, my older brother came by (the one who owns the house) and he hauled away a few more things from the back yard. Yay for things getting done around here! While he was here, he was sorting through his mail (which is still delivered here after a year!) and discovered he had a package. He opened it up, and it was a Wii Fit. I have been dying to get one of those for quite some time now. He said he bought it for someone, (someone else, I take it) and he decided to give it to me instead. Yes, to me! WOOT. I've used it every day this week (except for sunday) and I've seen progress. Anthony loves it, and I love it!

A funny video!!

Thursday was a good night at girls night. After we finally figured out what we were watching, we watched "Dan in Real life" funny movie, it just takes a while to get into it.

Fun times anyway. I love my girlfriends. They really make my stomach hurt with laughter.

Friday night was date night with Jos. We went to see a movie. WOW it was so much fun. We joined the many people who have seen "Dark Knight" Yes, its like 2 months late, better late than never eh?
Then on Saturday, Jos and I went out for dessert with a friend from BC. OH man, dessert was gooood. Catching up with friend from BC was amazing, and I see good things in our future. More to come on tha one!
I am dying to show ya'll what our back yard looks like now. But I'm sorta enjoying Cyn's stressing out about it. LOL
I started refinishing 2 dressers today, and I feel so accomplised. LOL ok not so much, but my life is really coming together!
A HUUUUGE sex-crazed, pot-smoking, loud-music neighbors moved out today! OH MAN, can you say BLESSINGS??!! I hated them, and I tried so much to be a good neighbor to them. Anyone want to move in next door?

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Life as a Kenessey said...

I'll move next door and cook you dinner in my rotisserie!!! R there prison's to work at in Calgary or any junkies I can counsel???? LOL