Thursday, July 9, 2009

Slim in 6, in the bag. Now to bring on the X!!

Yee-haw, my Slim in 6 adventure has come to an end. I have taken before and after photos (Sorry folks, I'm not THAT brave yet. No one wants to see post-partum smooshy belly pics) and taken my measurements.

The verdict is:

5 lbs down.

3" lost in my waist!

1" lost in my hips! (haha, I typo-ed Hipos at first...oh geez)

1 and .5" recpectively lost in both my biceps...and gained muscle (they were uneven sizes to begin with, and now they are even sizes)

2.5" lost around my chest/back. - I see a total differenct there....less back/boob fat, and all my bras don't fit anymore. I love weight loss, but not boob this sucks. They are always the first to go. *sniff*

1.5" lost around each thigh.

I have far more endurance than ever before. I am starting a new program on Monday July 13, called P90X. Its the mother of all workouts. 12 DVD, 90 days, drowning in your own sweat, and you see MASSIVE results. I had to do Slim in 6 before, so I could be in shape JUST to do the Pre-Test. I tried doing the Plyometrics DVD the other day, and its labelled the hardest workout out of the 12 DVDs, and I got through half of it with no major issues, then Lliam found out that I was working out, and ankle grabbed for the last half hour....argh. The backs of my legs, and calves are so sore, so I know that will be a killer workout for me. You try and do regular jumping jacks, then doing it in a squat position! YIKES!!! Today, I'll be dabbling with another DVD, weights arms and back. Then going hardcore on monday as my Day 1!

When I see great results, I'll post pics up here. So stay tuned.

There are a few other things that need to change around here.

I had been away for 12 days, then came home on Sunday...I felt like a stranger in my own house. Is that normal for being away so long? I feel like I have about 12 days worth of cleaning to do, and laundry...etc. I'm trying to change my motivation so that I am comfortable again in my house.

Yesterday, was Jos' company Stampede Breakfast! Oh it was yummy, pancakes and sausage in the morning? yummo! The kids had a great time eating all the pancakes they could. Then I took Lliam and Anthony and step-sister Kaitlyn to the zoo (we WERE supposed to make it to the Stampede, but missed the 'come in for free before 9am' window). Seeing the kids faces light up with all the animals was so adorable!!! I can't believe how much my kids have grown!


Debbi said...

YAY FOR LOSSES! (boo on the boobs. Trust me. I feel your pain on that one!)

Maybe you'll let me borrow your slim in 6?

And, welcome back. When are you heading down again?
If you ever want to be a stranger in another home, you can come here and chill me with and the mob.

Marci said...

Way to go, Djo! That's some awesome measurements going down. Woohoooo!

Debbie Jo said...

Debbi - yes you can borrow Slim in 6. No worries.

Cyndi said...

Great job on the inches gone! I love the last picture in the kangaroo pouch :)