Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Work in Progress

I know you all must be sick of me talking about working out, changing my fb status everyday regarding a workout...bla blah blah workout blah blah. Its actually something I look forward to...working out and then talking about it. HAHA, yes look forward to talking about it. Since I'm doing Beachbody's P90X, I have found an online group that all started at the same time as me and we post ALL the time about our progress, post "post-workout" pics (yes, those sweaty 'look what I just did' photos). Like this:

This past weekend was our annual Grammy's Reunion. Our kids don't call their Grandma "Grammy" but that's just something we came up with to name our family reunion with my mother and her offspring. LOL We started the Grammy's about 3 years ago officially, and have managed to make it happen every year since then. Our first year was at Park Lake, Lethbridge. Our second and third were at Little Bow Provincial park. This year was a real hoot. There were more kids this time around, which made things more interesting and busy. My older brother brought his speed boat out to the lake, and we really put it to good use... so much that we ran out of gas with a boat full of kids, babies IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LAKE! Yes, we were stranded with no gas. My brother was convinced that someone siphoned his gas. I couldn't be possible that we actually USED the gas the night before with our 3 hour boatride? LOL oh boy. Do you know how long it takes for a boat to slowly float to shore from the middle of the lake? Approx. 45 mintues. There, know you all know, and you don't have to go out and experiment. Just take my word for it. When we did make it to shore, we found another boat that was docked on shore, that was willing to tow us to the other side of the lake where the resort homes are...and we'll find someone to donate gas for out tank. 2-1/2 hrs later, and a lot of door to door begging...we managed to get enough as to take us back to the Marina where our trailer was. We BAKED in the sun, and the poor kids were sweltering hot, hungry, and my sister's nursing baby was still back on shore with his daddy! We needed to be out of our campsite by 2pm....we managed to get back on shore by 1:30pm - we sure know how to cut it short, and break camp in 1/2 hr. Lucky us. It made for a funny memory that's for sure.

I managed to get my workouts in while camping...not excactly a P90X workout, (although I was prepared with DVD player and resistance bands) I was able to pull off doing a power walk up a steep road, 2 assisted chin-ups and multiple pushups. I ate pretty clean during the majority of the camp, but the last day, I BINGED like I have never seen before! Before breakfast I had 2 handfulls of chips, 3 twizzlers, 2 donuts, and THEN cereal. HAHA...nice Job Debbie jo!! I managed to not gain weight from this trip, so that makes me feel pretty good.

Here are some pics from the camping trip.

It was a great 2009 Grammy's, and can't wait for 2010 for THUNDER IN THE VALLEY. Woot!

My sisters, mother and I will be going to Vegas Oct 18-25. We have been planning, prepping, saving and earning our way there since last year! We finally are booked in a sweet resort. Its called Tahiti Village, its a Time share, but its super sweet!

Its very Hawaiin themed, and I'm very much looking forward to a trip with sisters and NO KIDS!

Check out this lazy river....the current just takes you around and around in a about relaxing!!

I will be finished my P90X program right before we go on this trip, so this will be a huge reward for me! I want to buy a sweet evening dress for a couple of nights on the town.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you found out how long it takes for a boat to drift to shore. It's very considerate of you guys to experiment so that we don't have to. ;)

And way to go on the workouts!

Cyndi said...

Haha that's what you get when you don't go boating with me! Yay for the Vegas Trip. It will be nice for you to get away from the kids for a few days.

Keep up the good work on the workouts!

Life as a Kenessey said...

I LOVE VEGAS!!! You have a Plum in Calgary...they have HOT evening dresses!!! That resort looks FAB!!