Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh the blessings!


April, spring, sunshine, rain, blooms, GREEN, mountains, walks, NO ICE, BBQs are all HERE!!!

I really do, just want to forget March. Bah, that is our last bad month we're going to have. Financially, mentally, attitudely (ha, is that even a word?) I'm working on a few things right now. I have a responsibility to teach my children in the home about the gospel, and I am responsible for their well being, and their health. So I'm bucking up with my teaching, and showing more uplifting videos/movies/shows in the house. I really have noticed a difference lately. A wonderful feeling now abides in our house. Its more calm, peaceful, and safe.

Our recent blessing is Jos' new job with a financial company as a Sales Manager. WOAH, this is huge!!! I'm so proud of him, and knew he could do it! He starts this morning for them, and its a beginning of something excellent. We will have less worries about money, and actually have more quality time for each other because of it. Less stress in the home equals a happier family. Trust me. I'll be able to take the kids to the ranch more, take Miranda to see her horses more, and volunteer more of my day to helping others! See? Blessings!!!

The kids are growing up so fast! Lliam is learning something new every day, and mimicking our words and actions. I just seeing our 23 month old learning so much. Anthony can now read at a Grade 1 level, and getting pretty bored in Kindergarten. He loves all his friends at school, and still very sociable, he's just more advanced with the learning aspect of words, letters, forming sentences etc.

Have you noticed there are a TON of people pregnant right now? Its always hits in waves...and now I'm at a crest of pregnant friends, or friends who have JUST had babies. Do you ever get the "Oh man, I want to be pregnant too?" Or not. I'm one of those really happy-to-be-pregnant people. I love it. I cherish the fatness, the attention, the special 9-months of bliss. No, seriously, I do. After the first 12 weeks I'm a little queezy, but after that is totally awesome! *sniff* I sorta miss it.

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Anonymous said...

Hooray for Jos' new job!

As for me, I do NOT enjoy being pregnant. But I do enjoy newborns. I really miss having one of my own.