Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A retreat in Arizona

I am so lucky.

Jos took me on a retreat trip to Phoenix, Arizona. He did some work for Rogers Oil and Gas, and they took some choice agents on this retreat, all expenses paid!

We were there from June 3-6th. Not long enough for me. We were welcomed with open arms as soon as we reached the resort on Camelback Mountain. It was gorgeous!! Here are some pictures of what we did and saw. Enjoy. I wish I was there again!

Spa robe and Slippers provided!

1st floor bathroom!

Main floor room!

Upstairs bedroom...;)

Upstairs Bathroom!! yes 2!!!

Our upstairs patio.

Our Mexican Feast! So yummy!!! This was right after my hot stone massage! 55 min of bliss!!!

What our villas looked like...thank you Rogers Oil and Gas!!!

Swimming area, it saved me from the heat!

18 holes of bliss at the Camelback Golf course...at 107 degrees F!!

Diamondbacks Vs. Colorado Rockies. My first major league baseball game, this stadium was INDOORS and air conditioned!! Bliss!

I'm waiting by the pool to soak up the last little bit of sunshine before my 2nd spa treatment and right before our flight. *sniff* I cried when I left the spa...I knew it was only minutes before our trip was officially over.

It was the most fantastic trip since I went to Vegas.

Lucky me!

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Anonymous said...

Lucky you, indeed. That trip looks AMAZING.