Monday, June 21, 2010


For the month of June, I have been busy again.

Busy being thankful for all the things the Lord has blessed me with.

All things "F"!

Enjoy the journey through the pictures.

Formulating a plan for our next visit to Heritage Park.

Flipped up T-shirt/nipple pinching nonsense...not sure what that was all about.

Fascinated 2 yr old watching the muddy water as we float by.

Family FotoOpp!

Ferocious firepower.


Fear of Falling....insert *butt-clench* here

Falling Friends

Freight Trains...

Fowl Whisperer.


Faces full of Frankfurters...

Four-legged cute creatures drinking from my orange beverage cup.

Fast Whip rides at Heritage Park.

Ferris Wheels

Free Golf Clubs

Fast Golf Carts

Free things

Funny Faces

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