Monday, July 12, 2010

Here's some fun

Never give me a hoot of Helium...ever

Debbie jo left her post up so im commondeering this blog. MWAHAHA
you, ladies and gentleman may call me lance, her evil little brother.

But being evil and kind-hearted at the same time has left me with some flaws. i cannot be both evil and nice at the same time, unless its with family.
and thus i cannot be evil while stealing a blog she left up on my computer.


Naomi said...

DJ, really, you are too much! That was pretty funny. Love your "Arrrrrrr". LOL.

Anonymous said...

I am killing myself here. Killing! Between the helium and your evil-but-kindhearted brother. Too funny.

Debbi said...

this is why I love you, DJo.

Debbie Jo said...

OK - how did I not notice that Lance 'added' to my post?! I was wondering what Amber was referring to! HAHAHA

Lance, you are so going to get it! And by get it, I mean a smack in the face!