Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kalispell...Cowsbell, whatever.

So, blog friends, stalkers, my fellow peeps. Sorry I've been gone for so long. I was lost in the Blogosphere. With work, callings, Scentsy stuff, I've been run off my feet busy. So now I've got to play catch up.

Every so often my sisters, and mother and I get together for our "Girls Weekend Getaways" Our last trip was to Vegas, and it was a super-duper awesome blast. We figured that it was time again for some sister time!

Mom planned a weekend in Kalispell, and we had SO MUCH FUN. The drive down there is worth the trip alone! Its so much fun to be with my crazy family.

2.5 hrs later, we found ourselves in a warm, quiet city, filled with good times and good shopping.

Here is what we did....

Mooses Saloon....good eats in Kalispell.

My sister, Katherine and I enjoying ourselves at the Mooses Saloon

My other sister, Kenndy, who was 7 months pregnant here.

And thanks to my mother, who make these wonderful girls trip memories happen!

Ahh, Famous Daves. It doesn't get any better, for BBQ. Accept, if you are Jensen girls AT Famous Daves...then its just the best. Each time we head out to dinner together, we always make up a game while we wait for our food to come up. We are now compiling a list of games we've already come up with, and we're thinking of making a book called "Games to play while you are waiting for your food" LOL So this game we played was with coasters...each player had 2 coasters hidden on their laps, and on the count of 3, they had to reveal which colors they chose to show...and it was just fun to see the color combinations we came up with.

We saw a lot of this kind of result...when we figured it would take a million tries to actually get all the same color...well...

We love to make up new games to keep us occupied as we wait for our food to come.
This is played by using your coasters.

Then there was another game we made up...in one blow - how close can you get the coaster to 'coast' to the other side of the table without it going over the edge. Oodles of fun here.

Aaaand, now you've seen my blow face.

And the last game we played, was getting the salt shaker to balance on one grain of salt.

I got my spa face on.

We did a lot of shopping, and we stayed at a fun hotel, and just had a blast. In the hotel pool, we played a game called "keep the beach ball up in the air" game. I had a few wardrobe malfuntions...the teen volleyball team that was staying there was surely enteratained.

The end.

enjoy that last visual.


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