Saturday, July 16, 2011

Quite the Change

So, some of you know that there have been a few changes in the Willard home.

1) its Summer, yes it finally came!

2) Anthony is starting to lose his second tooth. Shoot me now, I can't handle the wiggling!!! PULL IT OUT! Unfortunately, Anthony is just like me and terrified of teeth, and would rather let it fall out in his sleep like the last one.

3) It gets lonely around here.

4) as in...Jos and I are separated. He moved out last month, and me and the kids are remaining here in the house. Jos gets to see them on the weekends, and they love to spend time with their daddy. We have remained friends, and speak to each other quite often. I can't really get into much detail, but some people aren't meant to be.

5) I'm learning NOT to trust people. I have always managed to give people 100% trust when I first meet them. Not sure why. Not smart, really.

yeah. so. that's it.


Life as a Kenessey said...

Sometime Change is just what we need! I hope you find peace and happiness Debbie-jo....lots of love!!

Alaska said...

I am so sorry. And so sad. I will pray for you both.

Marci said...

*hugs*. I want you happy in whatever capacity that may be. Love you!

Debbi said...

You know me-- been there, done that. You're a strong girl, and those lonely days will come and go. <3 ya.