Friday, December 2, 2011

Well Hello there my Blog Friends

Ok ok ok ok ok so I've sucked, and mean ROYAL suck lately at posting to my blog. What can I say? Busy? Trying to keep myself busy, and financially afloat to even think about it? Ha! Perhaps.


I've been immensely busy with work during the day, picking up kids, running home, making dinner, and other commitments I might have that day. Then try and have the patience and understanding to have some snuggle time with my boys before I lay them down to bed. oh the sweet times when they go to bed. I just love my kids. really they are just my pride and joy.

Recently, our family took a family trip to Powell River to see my little nephew be baptized. What an epic event! The WHOLE family, I'm talking, my mom and dad (both of which are divorced and remarried to other spouses), DJ, Kennedy, Katherine and all our children.

Pics to follow - among all the other fun stuff you've, I'm sure missed. ha!

Deep fried Pickle - never had one before, so this was pretty good

Deep Fried Mars Bar....Heaven

so with that...enjoy a bit of nothing with a bunch of pictures


Abra said...

I never knew you had a blog!

Debbie Jo said...

ha! well now you do sweetie! I'll try and keep up with it