Friday, December 16, 2011

What made me the worst sister in the world...and memories

So I've been thinking lately about my wonderful childhood memories. And I had a real good belly laugh over the silly things we used to do!!

1) I was the worst sister in the world!
- I convinced my younger sister that she didn't belong to our family, and that she was an alien from outter space. I went as far as painting a picture of the spaceship she came from.
- I always spied on my sisters playing pretend in the back yard (mostly acting out scenes from Jurrasic Park - HIGHLY entertaining)
- I read my sister's diaries and them made fun of what they wrote later.
- I colored brown streaks into their underwear and declared to the neighborhood that my sister has skid marks!
- I cut my sisters barbies hair, every time she got a new one, and made matching sharpee nipples for Barbie's amazing new haircut.

I don't have any idea why they still love me...srsly, I was evil. And I have an evil laugh to boot. Don't cross me.

Trust me - Karma is a you-know-what. I got it 10-fold when my brother was put in charge of us when my parents went out on a date. I was chased with knives, and coat hangers....and forced to smell the stench of 14 yr old farts in my face as I was held down by my brother. Oh and not to mention, the boogers that were flung my way to top it all off....

2) My older brother and I are only 14 months apart, so we sort of had the same friends there for a time being. During this awkward period, where we shared friends, we got into a bunch of mischief!
- Making napalm in the basement, and "testing it"
- loading my father's .22 rifle with low-velocity bullets and shooting targets in the garage.
- Driving as fast as we could around corners just to see if we'd tip the car over.

3) I spent my summers in Cardston and Southern Alberta from birth, and every summer we'd pack our bags from BC and head East to God's Country (I know I know....I came from the most Beautiful provincde ever!!! - I consider both BC and Alberta heaven to me)
- Since I was 14, I'd come home with a new crush of the summer. Oh Stake Dances in Cardston were amazing!!! OUTDOOR DANCES!!! And the boys were so much more FUN, and actually took you on creative dates (when I turned 16 of course)
- I remember my grandmother would send us and my siblings away with a towel and a toonie to make ourselves oocupied at the local swimming pool. HA - why didn't we just invest it in the candy store, and hang out at Lee's Creek in the mud Hole?! That would have been smarter...oh well.
- I remember the smells of silage, hay, and cows whenever I came into town...there's something amazing about those smells combined.
- I remember spending at least a day to a week at the Olsen's ranch, and horseback ride....taking the buggies into the creek with the horses, bonfires, long horseback rides into Beazer and Leavitt. I love that family! Like my own!
- When I was real young, and my grandmother lived in her old place that had an indoor pool, her house was filled with creepy things. I remember my parents would put me down in the spare room filled with manninquins and creepy wigs. yeah...try and sleep with about 14 pairs of glass eyes staring at you....HA! Impossible! No wonder I have creepy dreams. oh - and it smelled funny. *shudder* moving on...

4)My mom would never drive us to school unless she was FORCED to. We didn't have bus to take us, but walking was horrible. We lived a good 2km from the school, and on those cold, misty days in the lower mainland, it made for a miserable walk to school. I normally had a bad hair day to start, but you mix it with walking in a fine mist for an hour, you get the most horrible hair-do ever. Little strangs would curl up and only the first layer of hair would look frizzy and curly. wonder I didn't have any dates! Mom - it didn't make me a stronger ruined my self esteem. Shame shame. JK mom - I love ya.

I'm sure I'll conjur more memories up over the next little while. So enjoy what you have for now.

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