Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Its Christmas time bab-ay!!!

I love the feeling, the smells, the acts of Christmas.

I love walking through a crowded Walmart and smile at people as they tear past me in panick mode. HAHA - ok well maybe not, but I do love to smile.

I've been smiling a whole lot more these days.

One reason - is that my last child is now potty trained! yes! Its true - and in one day too!!! How the heck? Just a week ago, he was saying he didn't want anything to do with underwear and the toilet...but now he's all about being in the "Underwear club" and "squirting in the potty" Hahaha! Oh how crazy that sounds. And a bit creepy. Oh whatever people, I'm happy to not change a dirty diaper anymore! FREEDOM

Another reason that I'm smiling is that I'm going to be joining a weightloss challenge and I will be sporting an amazing body just in time for summer. So my plan is to drink a "shakeology" shake in the morning, and do P90X for the full 90 Days. Oh my heck. I might be brave enough to post before and after pics on my blog. Once upon a time, I have made before and after pics...but those are lost in the web somewhere I'm sure. Please stalkers, do not try and resurrect them. They remain lost on purpose.

I'm also smiling because its Christmas! I love having the chance to celebrate Christ's birth. I love the story. I love the truth. I love having a testimony.

For the commercial sider of Christmas, I love seeing the look on my kids face as they know that Someone loves them enough to leave a few awesome presents under the tree.

I really want to take on Snowshoeing. Since I live in Calgary, and winter lasts 6 months of the year, I might as well take up a sport that I will enjoy that won't cost me an arm and a leg to take part in (Ie. snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling)
Costco snowshoes - here I come!!!!

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