Monday, March 16, 2009

And they're off!

This weekend has been a whirlwind of events. For months I knew that the Moonlight Run was coming up. I "tried" to train for it. I didn't succeed with the trainin part. I'm the queen excuse maker. So going into the race, I was aware that I was about to run 6k without proper training. It kicked my butt literally. But I was willing to take whatever "punishment" it dished out. I dropped the kids off with my Step-mom, and drove to Lethbridge. I hung out with my mom and sister until the race started. We got our gear together, and hooked up our GPS tracker devices on our shoelaces, and started our warm up. This is us right before the race.

Yeah, that's when we still had pep! LOL pep. What a funny word. The cannons fired, and off we ran at around 8:15-ishpm. The weather was perfect! It was about 5+ outside. We started by running down a 1k coulee straight down hill. I felt like I could fly. Once the ground levelled out, I knew the race was going to get me. One portion of the trail wasn't lit (under a bridge) and I stumbled on some rocks and twisted my ankle. THAT made my run extremely painful and hard. I power-walked most of the way back. I also realized the power of music. My sister and mother didn't bring their music, so I didn't turn mine on at all. There was a point in the race, where I was slowing the girls down, and it was almost impossible to catch up to them. So I turned on my MP3 player and the Olympic Fanfare happened to be on...I bolted! My pace was unbelievable, and I sprinted passed the girls and continued on for another 1/2 K on my own. I think that next time we do this race, I will train, and have music with me at all times. I really didn't know what to expect, and now that I know, I can properly train. When we reached the top of the never-ending hill, there was a bagpipe-player playing a tune that kept our spirits up. We just knew that the Finish line was near. The girls each took one of my arms and we ran together to the finish line. Tears were streaming down my face, I was full out moaning and crying with every step I took. The finish line seemed to stand still, not getting any closer. My lungs had HAD it, and my legs were like Jello. We passed through the finish line together for a time of 59 minutes and 33 seconds. It was and wasn't my proudest moment at the same time. I was so impressed that I finished at all. There were so many times I just wanted to throw in the towel and quit. Knowing that I didn't quit, was so awesome! It felt just as good as winning the race.

This is our "after" the race photo. We were SOAKED, and tired, and jiggly. I am so proud of us.

No more race talk. I'm sore. I've got things to do, like take care of my kids. BTW, here's an updated photo of Mr. Lliam for you all to enjoy.

He's just learning how to crawl.
The next photo is of our fluffy cat Virgil, and Lliam. They are so cute together. Virgil has not swatted him, or scratched or anything like that. Lliam will pull his fur, roll over on top of him, and Virgil just takes it. What a good kitty.

Look, Virgil is smiling! LOL


Jessie said...

I am so impressed!! I wouldn't have even attempted it, let alone finished. Lliam is absolutely adorable.

Amber said...

Way to go, Debbie Jo! I am very impressed. :)

Marci said...

Good for you, Djo!! What an accomplishment! You rock.

Life as a Kenessey said...

I think it's great that eventhough you didn't feel prepared you still honoured your committment!!! You are AWESOME!!!

Naomi said...

You are quite the trooper! Congrats on finishing, that is awesome! How nice to have your mom and sister be there with you too.