Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bad Blogger,..bad bad blogger

I think I'm feeling busy and boring at the same time. How is that possible you say? (C'mon, someone must be thinking it).
I've kept on top of my busy housework (except laundry, I love love love to wash laundry, but folding and putting away just makes me gag. Besides, I have a husband that lives out of the clean folded laundry basket anyway, and doesn't bother to put them away, so who cares right?) Things I've delved into lately:

- making healthy dinners regularly (started to slack off in this department...thanks to oven-ready pizzas)
- making play dates for Anthony.
- started my very first quilt! (which cutting out 5000 squares makes my hands feel like a 90 yr old)
- children consignment stores (very neat things in there!)
- shoveling my sidewalk almost daily (yes still snowy up here in the north, go figure)
- recycling and trying to do something "green" every day (per my New Years Resolution)
- trying to spend time with my Grandmother in the hospital
- spending time with friends and rekindling those friendships.

Nothing sounds really exciting in my life except my really cool rag quilt I'm making! **DROOL** . Thanks to one of my best girlfriends, she has lit a fire under me that can't be doused until the project is finished!

I must run and finish cleaning my house for my sister coming up to stay with me and her 2 boys. YAHOO!!

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