Monday, March 9, 2009

Yay 'N Boo

Today's post is well overdue.

Yay for me organizing my house a little better.

Boo for being so bored while I'm in it.

Yay for Lliam and his 2 new bottom teeth!

Boo for him being so sick as he pushed them through.

Yay for the moonlight Run in less than a week.

Boo for the moonlight Run in LESS than a WEEK!!! (not training enough = walking through most of this run!)

Yay for building a 30-day menu plan WITH ingredient lists.

Boo that I can't eat all that yummy food in the first week!

Yay its MARCH, one step closer to spring.

Boo that its Calgary and we won't ever see spring...just summer in July & August. Then back to winter again. Extra Boo for that!

Yay for Jos and his million appointments for helping families get out of debt and actually have a retirement

Boo that he's gone 18 hours a day.

Yay, I'm one of the girls camp leaders!!

Boo that the ward that we are camping with are ANTI-campers and ANTI-fun!!

I was stuck in the fabulous blizzard on saturday night. We went to Walmart for 30 mintues

to find this

Crazy!! It took us 30 min to get 6 blocks!

Lliam being so sick, lately its been really hard to get this thing updated as often. I'm really going to try and update more often, even if its something small. I'll have pics up soon of Lliam's teeth and my haircut. I'll keep everyone posted if/when I do my brown paper bag flooring idea. Complete with before and after pictures of course.

Next week I'm doing an Enrichment skit of sorts. I've been asked to sing a song "you've got personality" and dance with a purse. OH MY...yes. It will be fun, promise! I'll even try to get it on video.

Keep warm!


Anonymous said...

I'm in the Lower Mainland and there's snow on the ground here right now. So, you know, spring may not be coming here, either.

Boo indeed. :(

Naomi said...

Snow . . . YUCK! I think that's why we don't plan on moving back to Calgary. Especially because you hit it right on the head when you said summer in July and August only. Sooooo true, so true! Loved your yay and boo's!