Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hatching Ideas.

Its March (Ok, its technically still February for a few more hours, but who cares, its still winter!) and its still freakin' cold and snowy and WINTER. Yes. I understand that I live in flippin' Calgary, but seriously, we at least should have had like 5 chinooks to melt away the white nasty. I figure I'm going to be kept indoors until spring arrives, so I might as well get a few projects finished that need to be completed. ie) painting the walls up the stairs (the paint has been purchased when we moved in...I just haven't got around to doing it), wash interior windows (then when the weather is nicer, I'll be washing the outside window...its so yucky dirty) While I was thinking that we seriously don't have the money to have this kind of flooring done in our kitchen:

We CAN afford this idea:

Its called Brown Paper Bag Flooring. Its such a neat idea. You use brown paper bags (or rolls of brown paper purchased at Home Depot by the rolls), and seal it with Polyurethane. It can even be stained a darker color if you like! It looks classic. I love how it looks like you are walking on leather. I'm curious, AND excited at the same time. I don't have a lot of money to spend on doing it the original way I wanted, but this is a change that I like, and WAY affordable.

I have to make my money go a lot further. Our year-long mat leave is going to be over May 15th, and that is NOT VERY FAR away!!! I have to make our dollar go a lot further these days, and provide for 1 more person with it! I know Lliam doesn't eat very much now...but just you wait. This kid is a tank! Speaking of Lliam....he's cut his first tooth today!!! My 9 month old is growing up! He's learning how to crawl, and getting his bottom teeth. **sniff** they grow up so fast!

Where my money is going this year:

Mini Van
Lease on the Caliber
Christmas in Alaska
A week in Vegas with my sisters and mother
Mini camping vacations during the summer.

I went to a slimming wrap party last weekend. My cousin is selling these detox wraps, and I was curious to try these "wonder wraps" out. Well to my surprise, I lost 2-1/2" that very night around my waist! I bought 2 more wraps from her to keep losing inches around my waist. I've lost another 1/2" with my 2nd wrap, and I still have one more wrap to use. Sounds kind of hokey I know, but it seems to be working. My cousin is having another party March 7th, and I'm SO THERE!

I've got to get back on the working out wagon again. Its 2 weeks until the Moonlight Run in Lethbridge, and I am no where near ready for the race. My sisters and I have just resorted to jogging as long as we can, and walking the rest of the way. Sad, I know...but it just didn't happen by my own faults. I've gained 10 lbs since last month, so I've got to get things back on track again. Summer is coming, and I want to wear some cute stuff!

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Naomi said...

Hmmmm, I think I need myself some detox wraps. Sounds a heck of a lot easier than killing myself running everyday! So, congrats on the lost inches. How exciting! Oh, and the flooring, I've never seen anything like that before. If you end up doing it make sure to let us know how well it worked out along with pictures of course. :)