Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No time to relax!

It feels like I don't have a second to sit still. I'm either packing for the ranch, coming home from the ranch and cleaning the house, cleaning the house again for my mom and sister's visit, cleaning up after my mom and sister's visit, and packing again for the Vancouver trip tomorrow. Woah! I feel like I'm busy ALL the time.

So we are leaving to go to Surrey/Abbotsford/Langley/White Rock tomorrow so Jos can do some business out there. Its RRSP season, and since Jos is a specialist in helping people make wise financial decisions, I thought I'd tag along for the ride with the kids. I think I'll be more busy than he is with all my visits!!! I love the drive. Its so peaceful and beautiful. I love that Jos and I can have the most open and meaningful conversations while we are driving. Its my favorite part of the drive! Today I've spent most of the day doing laundry, cleaning, doing dishes, and packing yummy snacks and food for the trip. We'll be staying with a good friend, and I'm so happy to spend some time with her! You rock Lori! (How's THAT for a shout out?)

I've totally slacked off these last couple of weeks with working out. I have not done a single exercise these last 2 weeks!!! For shame! I haven't gain any weight, I'm just not consistant. I also have the Moonlight run coming up, and I haven't trained at all for that. As soon as I get back from the coast (Sunday night) I'll be up and at 'em with the training at the gym.

Well, that's all for now.

I'll try and post while I'm out and about this week.


Carla said...

you are busy...
slow down why don't you!! kidding, it's hard to do. we are women.
have a great trip!!! you deserve some fun time with your family!

Naomi said...

Oooooh, I love Vancouver. Hope you have a great time. And the exercise, I know what you mean. It's so hard to get motivated to do it. I'm always one who says I'll start on Monday and then Monday comes around and I miss it and I then catch myself saying I'll start next Monday. Geeesh, it's a hard habit to break. Before I know it six months have gone by. Good luck, it's tough to make a part of your day but when you do it is so rewarding and worth it.