Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm home...and I'm not feeling home yet.

We just got back from our trip to BC last night. It was a beautiful drive as always. We were kept SO busy and I had a ton of fun. While I was having a blast seeing the sights and hanging out with friends, Jos was busting his butt with my dad helping families with their RRSP's and future plans. *gleam* I'm so proud of him!

The drive out there started a little late. We left Calgary at 2:30pm on Wednesday. The drive was wonderful until we got to the "pass" in the mountains. I'm a little (and by a little, I mean a lot) night blind, and when I don't see the lines on the road, I have no clue where I am! It was a stressful 2 hours through the pass, and I have a few more wrinkles to show for it. We got stuck in one of those "please wait an hour while we blast a cannon to start a planned avalanche, and please be patient while we clean up the mess" parts of the road. Fun times. Its always when I have to pee, and its like 20k from the next town. Once we got through the tough part of the trip, the roads were perfect, and no one was out driving on a wednesday night! We arrived at 2:30am BC time. Not bad!

We pulled up at my friend Lori's and we crashed! The kids, were not ready to sleep though. Baby was awake THE WHOLE night! Argh, after a long drive, I had HAD it! The next day was filled with visits. I visited the office I used to work in. I met up with a friend in North Surrey for some Fresco's mushroom burger yumminess.

After that lunch date, I REALLY needed to walk off the lunch. The portion sizes are HUGE at that place...and I'm a sucker for "eat up all your food on your plate" from back in the old days. Argh. We walked down to the pier again. This time it was much more windy and cold. Not as pleasant. But Anthony still loved it.

Later on that evening we met up with my husband, and father to see a couple friends sing their hearts out at an open mic thing at this place in Abbotsford called "The Bull 'N Raven". A very tiny hole in the wall pub that could only fit 20 or so people in it. It was a short and fantastic visit with my Abby friends.

I realized that evening that I'm not as young as I thought I felt. I was so dog tired. From the near all-nighter the night before, and the late night I was pretty exhausted. I drove home and hit the sack. The kids slept, and I slept really well.

My morning was pretty nice. I made Jos breakfast (He was creeped out by a double-yoked egg) and managed to keep his food down. Later on, I met a friend (Don) for some quality fish and chips. I love fish and chips normally, but nothing beats ordering from a place that is actually on the beach! It just seems more fresh to me. The place is called "The Whale's Tail" The owner, Eddie, is so pleasant to talk with and is such a people person. I ordered a 2 piece Hallibut, for *gulp* $16.50!! It was worth every penny to me. It was baked, as well as their fries! Home made tartar sauce to boot! Oh man, I could eat that stuff by the vat! We walked around again, to walk off some of our lunch. Thank goodness White Rock is on a tourist attraction month, ALL the parking was free until the end of the month to lure in more tourists.

Lori gave me the night off from the kids so I could go and hang out with Don with Jos. It was a good one-on-one time with him. By the time Jos got there, I couldn't hold on anymore to open I conked out on the couch for a nap. Sorry guys...I just couldn't do it. Home to bed for me!

Saturday was more of a relaxing day for the family. We strolled around the Walmart Supercenter, ate some pretty disgusting lunch at ABC Country Restaraunt. Then back to the house to prepare for the AMAZING dinner that Lori, Trevor (her roomate) and I helped make. On the menu was bacon-wrapped and stuffed flank steak, twice baked potatoes and salad. I was in charge of the twice baked potatoes. I have not made any before, and was dying to know how. Lori started by providing some potatoes that were the size of my head. So these babies were friggin amazing!

Oh boy dinner was good.
I'm very grateful for good friends. I'd like to think I work hard to keep my good friends. Thanks Lori for putting up with us. We love you.
The drive home was beautiful, we only ran out of gas once. Just off the coquihalla (which there is no more toll booth by the way, we learned the hard way, we ended up in Chilliwack and thought "where the heck are the toll booths...did we drive through them and just not know it?") and we cruised into the gas station with mere feet to spare. Thank goodness I listened to the Holy Spirit on this one!
Everyone is now home safe. I'm still getting used to being back home. I miss BC, and I missed Alberta as well...I'm torn. I love both places and could live in either very happily.


Carla said...

okay, that dinner looks amazing!!! hey, i wanted to let you know that you are looking fabulous!!!

Debbi said...

so, where's the toll boths?!!! Wow, I woulda gotten sooo confused too!
Oh, White Rock. How I am jealous.

(and I can't believe Don's not pissed at you for saying ABC's lunch sucked. lol)

Looked like a trip I woulda loved. Jealous. yay for you.

Debbie Jo said...

Carla - Thanks love! The dinner was so much fun to make. I love to try new recipes and find that they are winners in my family.

Debbi - Toll booths were taken out last summer appearantly. The toll booth Plaza bathrooms are still there, but there are no booths. You just drive through. Lunch DID suck though, how can bacon taste like FISH? boooo!
It was a fabulous short trip, an I'm glad that we went.